Hacker Screenshots (ZX Spectrum)

User Screenshots

ZX Spectrum version

The start of the game. This is where the player first encounters the Magma site.
Access is eventually granted
The first encounter with the S.R.U. - Subterranean Remote Unit.
This is where the player gets to decide on their choice of controller
There's a lengthy activation process (aka puzzle) to go through
Somehow The S.R.U. got positioned in the South Atlantic. I hope this is OK
The first screen showing the S.R.U. position, a small black thing in the South Atlantic (that's coloured green). The MSG / message icon is flashing
The company message. It does not look good. Perhaps we get to save the world.
Back with the S.R.U.. The unit is moving. Its current direction is in the top left, its current view is in the centre, in this shot its just changing from a view of a rock wall to a view of a tunnel