How to be a Complete Bastard Ad Blurbs (ZX Spectrum)

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Advertising Blurbs

Game Advertisement:

    Ade is the sort of person who loosens the screws from the handles of disabled persons' toilets or markets Space Shuttle Jigsaw Puzzles.

    In the game he has successfully gate-crashed a yuppie part on the posh side of town and to succeed as The Complete Bastard he must incapacitate all the guests by the end of the party and light up each letter in the phrase COMPLETE BASTARD. He must also build up as many Bastard Points as he can by extremely offensive behavior.

    Now you can play Ade and be a Complete and Utter Bastard in this arcade adventure with split-screen that's crammed full of absolutely tasteless humor.

    "Anything this horrible is bound to sell millions." Sinclair User.

    Contributed by Caltrus (388) on Mar 18, 2004.