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Crash! (May, 1990)
The only trouble with Monty coming out of retirement is that he seems to have lost his knack for zipping about the screen (he's had quite a face lift too!). The game is much slower than the others were. There are some really impressive later levels in the game, the only trouble is getting to them. Impossamole offers more of the platforms and ladders fun that many Spectrumers have grown up with, coupled with great graphics: a recipe for an addictive game, if only it were a little faster. NICK
Sinclair User (Oct, 1991)
If you want a real platforming challenge you can't get much tougher than this. A whole lotta mole! [Budget re-release]
For some reason Gremlin have decided to give Monty a facelift: not just adding a superhero cloak but putting him on a diet and giving him a cute snout and bulging eyes. He's animated very well and has a very pleasing humorous, cartoon-like air about him - a definite improvement over the old mole. Other characters in the game aren't quite as good, but backgrounds are detailed and colourful (although this does cause attribute problems in places).
Sinclair User (May, 1990)
If you're a fan of the genre, then Impossamole may be right down your tunnel. It offers a stiff challenge and the sort of hop, skip and jump progress which requires meticulous timing. Personally, I found it a bit of a drudge.
Crash! (May, 1990)
I've never been a great Monty Mole fan, and Impossamole does nothing to change my mind. The attacking creatures and backgrounds are both very colourful, but this very often causes colour clash, and as Monty himself is monochromatic, he changes colour more often than a chameleon. The screen flicks as you move around which is most annoying, and why is it that Monty seems to posses the reactions of a drugged snail? I seemed to have great difficulty moving our hero around with any great urgency.
Your Sinclair (May, 1990)
Sorry, but Impossamole comes across as a mid-'80s Spectrum character all tarted up with coin-op style trimmings and ending up looking faintly ridiculous. It's too slow, too pedestrian, too ill thought-out and too empty of interesting characters! Perhaps I've been very hard on what is, after all, a reasonably colourful and pretty platform game, but I was expecting, or maybe just hoping for, a little more. It's not just that things like Rainbow Islands are incredibly hard acts to follow (though they are), it's that Impossamole isn't really inspiring by any standards, even by those of the old Monty Mole games.
The number of decent, cheap platform games on the Spectrum makes it tough for this version of Impossamole to make an good impression. It suffers form obscure blobby sprites and like the ST version, it's frustratingly difficult from the outset.
Impossamole could have been, like all the Monty games preceeding it, classic platform fare. Unfortunately, it suffers from a dodgy control system making for frustrating play. Graphically pleasing, sonically what you'd expect for a Speccy. Monty Mole comes a cropper in the payability stakes.