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Your Sinclair (Mar, 1989)
All in all, I've had more fun with Ingrid's Back! than with any adventure for ages, and it even pips the excellent Lancelot as being in my opinion... wait for it... the best Level 9 release ever. That'll set the gnome among the pigeons, but there can't be any denying the quality of this game. An ideal gnome exhibition if ever there was one.
Crash! (Mar, 1989)
Just as in Gnome Ranger, every situation in the sequel is laced with a characteristic type of humour which, depending on taste, will either have you splitting your sides or scratching your head in bewilderment. To he honest I didn’t much like the continual use of ‘gn’ instead of ‘n’, particularly as you have to spell inputs that way as well. It’s not too much to put up with though, and there are some brilliantly-funny scenes, such as where a travelling salesgnome is making a feeble attempt at playing darts. Some of the solutions also require lateral, whimsical thinking, so the humour isn’t wholly superficial.