Kids on Keys Screenshots (ZX Spectrum)

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ZX Spectrum version

This screen is displayed as the game loads
When the game has loaded a basket descends and the words KIDS ON KEYS are displayed individually beneath the umbrella. Then the kid waves as the basket floats skywards
The game's main title screen ...
... and the main menu screen. The up / down arrows change focus between the game choice and the level. The left / right arrows change the difficulty level
Game 1, level 1. letters fall down the screen
Game 1, level 1. By typing in the letter that's falling the player makes it explode and prevents it reaching the ground. Here the falling letter H has been blown up.
At the end of the level the falling letters stop, there is a pause, all the letters that were successfully prevented from reaching the ground appear with the train
Its that kid again, drifting down the screen. The player types in the word below the umbrella, in this case LIE, for bonus points. This causes the kid to wave and float upwards.
Game 1, level 2. The letters are a different colour and fall slightly faster
At the end of level 2 the kid appears again, this time with a different word, and the game displays this message
Game 2, level 1. Here the player must enter the first letter of the item that's falling. Entering a H for House will score the 3 points displayed at the top of the screen
The house was allowed to fall to ground so only 2 points will be scored when an item next falls in column 1. meanwhile 3 points have been scored for Tree in column 2.
In this round the items are only partially displayed. This is part of a Cup and the game is expecting the letter C to be entered
Game 2, round 2 is just the same as round 1. Different objects are use but the game is still the same. there's also another bonus round at the end
At the end of round 2 a new high score had been achieved, but the player was not prompted to enter their name
The player is again prompted to return to the main menu
Game 3, level 1. The game paints 5 pictures on screen, one at a time. Here it's part way through
The game then displays a word and the player must enter the corresponding number
As with previous games there's a bonus round in which the objects are only partly displayed
At the end of the bonus round the game completes the pictures one at a time for the players benefit
Game 3, level 2 is the same as level 1 but with different symbols
At the end of the second bonus round a new high score had been achieved but there was no prompt for the player's name. from here the player is prompted to play again or return to the main menu