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Das Spiel ist voller Witz, hervorragender Graphiken und besitzt einen Super-Sound. Empfehlenswert!
Crash! (Jun, 1986)
I still play Finders Keepers at home so I was very pleased to play this one. This has to be the most outstanding piece of cheap software I've seen since I started reviewing for CRASH, two years ago. Perhaps all 128K software will be like this.. .but I very much doubt it. I can't really see myself getting bored with this one for a long time as it is very compelling. The graphics are excellent, all the characters are detailed and well animated and the backgrounds are very colourful. My only gripe is that there is a bit of colour clash. The sound is also excellent: a tune plays throughout the game and there are some spot effects. I strongly recommend this game to all 128 owners - and the 48K version will be a snip as well. You couldn't hope to find a better piece of budget software.
Your Sinclair (Jul, 1986)
Knight Tyme is packed with clever puzzles, aeons of space to explore and, what's more, it's all finished with a double coat of wit. If it appears on the 48K Speccy it's sure to lose much of the detail and perhaps some of the scale. So accept nothing less than the full blown version. It'll keep you playing all (k)night!
Computer Gamer (Jul, 1986)
Visually, the game is very attractive with large, colourful graphics. Controlling the game is simplicity itself - Left, right, up/jump and down with the fire button used to access the menu. Who said that a game must be complicated to be good? Knight Tyme is a superb game and at under £3, it should feature very highly indeed on your future shopping list.
Tilt (May, 1987)
Un bon jeu au style original, servi par des graphismes et une animation de qualité.