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Sinclair User (Apr, 1988)
Cuchulainn in space; even better than Tir Na Nog
Sinclair User (Dec, 1985)
Gargoyle has yet again produced an enormously sophisticated program. The introduction of an arcade element with the power-gun adds extra zing (or zap) to the proceedings. Top marks to a firm who deliver consistently fine software.
Crash! (Nov, 1985)
I thought Marsport was far better than previous Gargoyle games because there really is so much more to do. The game is about the size of both the others put together and with the fighting, which is one of the highlights of the game, and the atmosphere or being totally alone, the whole thing is very well paced indeed. The background given in the manual is both informative and interesting. I haven't solved Marsport yet but I'm already looking forward to the next two games. The only thing I thought could have been made clearer was the change in perspective, but you can get used to it and once you do, there's a lot of exploring to do.
Your Spectrum (Dec, 1985)
The graphics are beautifully animated, the controls are excellent and it's great fun to play. And if you're into sci-fi, like me, you'll enjoy it even more. An all-round winner that's well worth lashing out the megabucks on.
Marsport ist ein intelligent aufgebautes Action-Adventure (Joystick-Steuerung), bei dem viele Rätsel gelöst und endlos viele Räume durchsucht werden müssen. Die Graphik ist ausgezeichnet, die „Spielbarkeit“ gut.
Crash! (Sep, 1988)
Though the 3-D effects which distinguished Marsport in its day are fairly standard now, the gameplay is still jsut as gripping and absorbing as when it was first released. You may not be stunned by the graphics but the intricacy of the puzzles and the sheer size of the adventure environment means that Marsport still presents a complex and compelling challenge.