Mercs Screenshots (ZX Spectrum)

User Screenshots

ZX Spectrum version

Load screen. Appears very briefly
One or two players
A kind of screen-saver appeared when I waited too long at the 1 or 2 player screen, pictures of the two 1 mercs.
From here I get to define the control options of each player
It is possible to define separate action keys for each player
Start of a 1 player game
Took me a while to sort out the controls. Lots of the enemy appeared. They did a lot of shooting but it was not focused. I'm still alive and I haven't worked out how to move or shoot yet.
I'm moving now. I seem to have a more powerful gun than anyone else, which is good.
Lost a life. That reset the score back to zero. Here I am in front of a building that is literally asking to be shot at.
hey presto it's gone and I can progress to a new area
I need to shoot the crate, kill the bad guys, and collect the contents
Nearly there...
I think this is the end of level boss. It's not an easy thing to kill. I came close but it chewed up my last life first