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Your Sinclair (Jun, 1992)
Both visually and spiritually, this is one of the closest arcade-to-Speccy-ports you'll ever have the joy of encountering, and if you've ever liked to shoot things, get out there and buy this game right this minute.
Crash! (Jul, 1990)
This guy can certainly hand out some serious aggro, and the game is amazingly addictive. You just have to pick up the joystick to be whisked into the hero's combat boots. Graphically it's great: the main sprites are beefy chaps who stride around as if they mean business (as indeed they do). The armoured vehicles that attack from time to time are tough to crack, and this is why it's imperative to regularly visit the armoury. Seemingly impossible, but this game is more playable than its arcade parent! Brilliant!
Graphically and sonically, Midnight Resistance fulfils all your blasting needs. The game is for the most part monochrome but detail on both fore and background sprites is impressive. 128K sound is great, with a catchy this tune and in-game effects (48K owners will only hear the effects). A very average coin-op is made into a superb Spectrum conversion.
Your Sinclair (Aug, 1990)
So what's the verdict? Well, as you might have gathered, I really think this is one of the best shoot-'em-ups I've seen in ages (perhaps ever). There are no problems at all with visibility or feeling out of control, everything is pitched at a good challenging level, there's plenty of variety and, quite simply, a lot to it. Certainly, the controls take some getting used to (so I found the first levels particularly hard), but once you've got them sussed you're in lot a real treat. Ocean come up trumps again I'm afraid
Sinclair User (Aug, 1990)
Wow! All I can say is wow! What a STORMING game! Guns you wouldn't believe, graphics to make you fall over and more action than a Schwarzenegger movie. Midnight Resistance has got it all.
Sinclair User (May, 1992)
An attractive coin-op conversion which has lost none of its addictive qualities since it was first released.