Myth: History in the Making Screenshots (ZX Spectrum)

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ZX Spectrum version

Title screen
Main menu
Stage One: The Road to Hell
Surrounded by a group of nasty skeletons.
Shooting some fireballs onto a teleport ball.
A quiet moment with hanging skeletons.
One hit of fireball and his skull is off!
Evil demon is guarding fourth teleport ball.
Only tridents could harm a giant dragon.
This gate is entrance to the secret cave.
Preparing to attack fire spitting gargoyles.
Stage Two: Greece Four Hundred BC
The Achilles statue can be smashed to bits.
Trying to defend before flying creature.
White bird was inside a vase I just broke.
Lost a life after touch of dropping acid.
Using my shield to cover from the Medusa.
Tall pillars with deadly hot lava around.
Three headed Hydra vs one headed man.
Being teleported to another stage.
Stage Three: Scandinavia Five Hundred AD
Located on the Viking boat during a storm.
Surrounded by a pair of dreadful trolls.
This area is occupied by moving ghosts.
A scroll used by the grave caused raining.
Successfully shot up to pieces a troll.
Throwing knives on the dragon Nidhogg.
Standing in front of a solid looking castle.
Battle with the god Odin in his own castle.
Stage Four: Egypt Three Thousand BC
Two shots will reveal entry to the pyramid.
Resting in central room which is full of rats.
Running away from rapidly falling blocks.
I need to find a way to surpass the spikes.
The Ankh symbol restores all lost lives.
Those swinging axes are sharp like razor.
A lengthy corridor with incoming mummies.
During a jump to higher and stable platform.
Battle with the god Atum in the king's tomb.
Stage Five: Duel with Dameron
Dameron's first vulnerable part is his mouth.