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Navy Seals ZX Spectrum Load screen. A counter counts down the time remaining. At zero the screen changes


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Crash! (Jan, 1991)
Navy SEALS is one of Ocean’s 128K only products and it shows. It’s incredibly well presented and really makes use of the 128K’s power. There’s none of the corner cutting there’d be if it had to be chopped into multiloads for a 48K Speccy. Graphics are very colourful, detailed but always clear, and colour is effectively used throughout level one. Animation of the characters is simply brilliant, the SEALS and Arabs perform all their movements well and surprisingly quickly considering their huge size! Mission two is the more immediately playable of the two but in the end it’s mission one’s five complex levels that’ll keep you enthralled!
Sinclair User (Mar, 1991)
Bombs, guns, its got the lot. navy Seals has more variety than the London Palladium and gets our seal of ultimate brilliance. An SU Gold!
Your Sinclair (Feb, 1991)
I enjoyed Navy SEALS a lot, though how well it'll do probably depends a bit on the success (or lack of it) of the film. Half of it is very, very good indeed, and the other half isn't too bad (though a lot more boring). Yep, I liked it loads. (Why not give it a try?)
Huurgh! The Spectrum game is a monochromatic version of the GX4000 one, except this is even less playable, because the main sprite has an annoying tendency to get stuck in silly places, leaving you wide open for a bullet in the bonce! Again, a very disappointing licence, and one that could have been made so much better by simply making it a bit easier.