Ninja Master Screenshots (ZX Spectrum)

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ZX Spectrum version

Splash screen; displayed very briefly when game starts to load
Menu screen 1; Annoyingly the game won't accept input until the music has finished playing
Before playing you must enter your initials
Before each try you get a reminder of the action keys. These can be redefined if required, but only at the start of the game. If you're playing and are having problems then you must reload to get the
Mini game 1: arrows come from both sides, high or low, at varying speeds. You must time your block carefully, too soon and you miss
You must time your block carefully, too soon and you miss. Time the block right and in addition to a cry of success the bent arrow flies away.
There's no second chance. Make the wrong move and you're stuck with it. No matter how many times you hit the right key you're stuck with you're first move.
Action keys for mini game 2
Mini game 2: Hit the power buttons alternately while the countdown timer on the left reduces to zero
Here the power indicator in the lower left has crossed the qualifying line. The timer hits zero. The ninja strikes and the board breaks!
The action keys for mini game 3
Start of mini game 3. The stars come at you either high, middle or low and at various speeds, 9 stars per try.
The block must be timed just right. Too soon and you miss and it hits you
If at any point you fail to achieve the qualifying score you get this message and start again. If you keep hitting the qualifying targets then you repeat all 4 minigames at a harder level indicated b