This is a porn Portuguese game, based upon a character whose primary goal in life is to earn money, by the lowest means. The player incarnates the role of a marginal and criminal. He can become a drug dealer, a rapist, a burglar or an addicted for sex. The player has the ability to do many transgressions while taking decisions on the situations he'll face during the game.

The resting place of the player is located at a local nightclub called Paradise Café where he can make illegal deals with the waiter by buying drugs and pistols, necessary "tools" for the good management of his precious and indispensable money. The player is perpetually walking next to "Pandora" doors, randomly potential surprises of situations that appear in front of him of which he can take advantage or suffer the consequences of his bad decisions.

There are policemen, robbers, old women, prostitutes, and to loose or earn money in that trail of surprises is a mixture of combination of luck and management. The game also proportionates a humorous experiences by its unexpected situations.

The graphics occupy 3 quarters of the game, resembling Popeye or The Trap Door. The gameplay is easy and combines several genre elements as adventure, adult, management, strategy and even RPG.

Paradise Café emerged in a Portuguese society where drug dealing, prostitution and poverty were taboo and they were the scourges of an afflicted generation born in poor social conditions and sociological turmoil.

Until this day it's not known who the programmers are, but it is reasonably to assume, almost for certain that every Portuguese related to video gaming has a Paradise Café copy.


Paradise Café ZX Spectrum Something about deep throats.
Paradise Café ZX Spectrum The waiter knows something about your wallet.
Paradise Café ZX Spectrum In case you don't have enough money to pay for the artistic services, there's a special surprise waiting for you behind the red door.
Paradise Café ZX Spectrum The first person you met, an old woman. you don't have money to rob her neither a pistol to... entertain her.

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The commands and their etymology:
  • (E) for Entering in the coffee shop or prostitute's house comes from the word "(E)ntrar" which in Portuguese literally means "Enter".
  • Q - Continue walking (if you don't want to enter the café or the prostitute's house).
  • (A) for Robbing the old lady comes from the Portuguese word "(A)ssaltar" which literally means "To rob".
  • (V) for raping the old Lady, comes from the Portuguese word "(V)iolar" which literally means "To rape".
  • (C) to perform anal sex with the prostitute, comes from the Portuguese slang "(C)ú" which can either mean "Ass" or "Butthole".
  • (F) to perform vaginal sex with the prostitute, comes from the Portuguese slang "(F)oder" which literally means "To Fuck".
  • (B) to perform oral sex with the prostitute, comes from the Portuguese slang "(B)roche" which literally means "Blowjob".
  • (S) to accept the offers (while talking to the dealers in the café) / Leave the café (while alone) / Accept to follow the prostitute, comes from the Portuguese words "(S)im" meaning "Yes" as aproval and "(S)air" meaning "To get out".
  • (N) to deny every offer made to the player, comes from the Portuguese word "(N)ão" which literally means "No".
  • 0 (zero) - Fire gun

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