Penetrator Screenshots (ZX Spectrum)

User Screenshots

ZX Spectrum version

Loading screen
The title - written out gradually in a Turtle Graphics style
Main menu
Game start
In the thick of the action
Level 2 has a different background
Demonstration game finished. Let's get...
Fireworks when you succeed finishing the game.
This is my version of mount Fuji. Beautiful isn't it?
Stage 2. After many many attempts I finally discovered you could also fire horizontally. Yeah!
Finishing stage 2.
Stage 3. Beginning. I call it the oblique face. Pareidolia stuff ya know?
Stage 3. The danger line indicates the level of detection.
Stage 3. very complicated phase. Many, many spectrum keyboards down the toilet.
Entering stage 4.
Stage 4. New... aaa... Horace Vampire... things? (Defending paratroopers...)
Stage 5 final momentum.
...Stay on target.... Almost there... Stay on target....
Time to turn the X-Wink axis.
Bommb chute, hep'n'a-away...!!! IIaah!!!
May the force... (ahamm) ...may the power of the stars be with you Luk... (aaaam!) Loink, Flute, Blug!
After blasting neutron bomb store.
Symmetric stage 4.
Symmetric stage 3.
Symmetric stage 2.
Symmetric stage 1.
The symmetrical mountain of stage 1.
Back to base.
The infamous impossible cave. So many many spectrum keyboar... (we already know!!!)
The Game is over.
Hall of fame.