PHM Pegasus Screenshots (ZX Spectrum)

User Screenshots

ZX Spectrum version

This screen displays briefly as the game loads
This is the game's main menu. Most of the game screen shots come from the demo mode
The game starts with a satellite view of this part of the ocean. the 'V' key changes the view to a 'bridge' view. Its a toggle switch so pressing 'V' again returns here
The bridge view. There's a lot displayed here. The radar is in the centre. To the right of that is the gyro compass. On the far right are the damage indicators
In manoeuvre mode, turning right. On the left of the radar are the speed indicators and on the far left are the weapons & fuel status displays
Ships are firing now. The target ship comes up in the binocular view. The arrow at the side indicates which way to turn to fire at the target
We now have a lock on the target
Missile away!
Kabooom! The target disappears in a blood red haze.
Not everything works all the time. Here Pegasus has a weapon misfire.
Even in the demo mode the Pegasus get sunk
End of mission triggers the display of the Hi-Score table and current ranking. A long way to go to get to Admiral of the Fleet!
Battle training mode : There is an autopilot option that can be engaged