This is the third game in Julian Gollop's Rebelstar series. It was preceded by Rebelstar Raiders (1984) and Rebelstar (1986). On September 7th, 2005, an all-new game, Rebelstar: Tactical Command was released in the U.S., for Game Boy Advance, thus introducing the series to a whole new generation of players.

Many of the characters from Rebelstar make a re-appearance in this game: Captain Krenon, Kurt Levine, Don Caloni, Leon Trotsky, Jim Digriz, Topper Henley and Zeera Camay.

Rebelstar II was obviously influenced by the movie Aliens, and apart from the design of the aliens themselves, it also quite happily includes three familiar troopers: Vasquez, Hudson and Corporal Hicks.

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