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(Voodoo Castle) Another well written and entertaining Adventure from the Adams stable. So pick up your crystal ball and lucky rabbit's foot, and give Voodoo a run for it's money.
Alle Adventures können uneingeschränkt empfohlen werden. Nur, einen guten Cassettenrecorder sollte man besitzen. Jedes Adventures wird mit einem Fast-Loader geladen, der etwa 3-bis 4mal so schnell ist, wie normal. Da kann mancher Cassettenrecorder schon mal nicht mitspielen. Ansonsten sehr empfehlenswert.
Running a Spectrum side by side with the original TRS-80 versions, I could not find any noticeable differences in the text or the responses.
(Voodoo Castle)
This game was written by Alexis. Count Cristo is lying dead in his coffin, and only by performing a strange ritual around it can you restore him to life. First you must discover the ritual and then find the ingredients necessary, before the final climax around the coffin.
Sinclair User (May, 1987)
For all that, we're talking real history of adventure gaming here, and Scott Adams Scoops is a great value package.
Computer Gamer (Jun, 1987)
None of these adventures would sell very well on their own nowadays, but four on one tape is reasonably good value. The turbo loader is reliable and there are no boring loading screens which take up space so, all in all, the collection is worth a look.