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Crash! (Dec, 1985)
This game is not your usual adventure. The flow of text is much more like a book with the player only being asked to alter the course of events via a choice between one of three options. The fourth option, so easy to forget, displays a help menu which includes a service you would be wise to make use of early on: simply typing in the name of a character from the diary will bring up onto the screen a fact-file on that character in true Star Trek computer style. Features such as this, plus options such as RESTART and DEMO, really give this game a classy feel.
THE SECRET DIARY OF ADRIAN MOLE von LEVEL 9 ist ein „etwas anderes“ Adventure: Es hat nicht allzuviel Rätsel zu lösen, die Texteingabe ist beschränkt, die Grafiken nicht zahlreich und von der Darstellung nicht immer glanzvoll. Doch: Auch Adventures wie TERRORMOLINOS, die mehr auf Text-Information und lustige (Begleit-) Kommentare ihr Hauptaugenmerk legten, haben ihre Reize!
Tilt (Jul, 1986)
Le journal intime d'un anglais de 13 ans 3/4 coincé entre une mère hystérique et son petit ami ventripotent et un père négligeant et sa rousse pulpeuse. Divorcés. Beaucoup de texte. Rigolo.
Sinclair User (Nov, 1985)
It's disappointing that Level 9 has not been allowed to produce a real adventure. What carries the game through is the book text itself, irreverent and rude. Without that the game would not stand much of a chance