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Sinclair User (Oct, 1984)
Although there is no book with the game, as in the case of The Hobbit, the instruction booklet contains a few clues in the form of examples to help you start. At £14.95 Sherlock cannot be considered cheap, but on the other hand it did take 18 months to develop, and has finally been released six months later than expected. The wait has been worthwhile.
Crash! (Oct, 1984)
Sherlock is an incredibly sophisticated program. The most impressive feature is the convincing way in which the leading characters go about their interrogations and how these can be followed up with meaningful discussion between the protagonists. The unfriendly language is no worse than with The Hobbit and the word matching this entails will be good for the endless articles and help pages which will necessarily ensue. The game can make you feel faintly ridiculous when, after typing in a suitably long and complex sentence, you are greeted with ‘I do not understand the word murder.
„Clumsy, Holmes!“ würden die Briten sagen, wenn sie ein etwas „ungeschicktes, tölpelhaftes“ Sherlock Holmes-Adventure beschreiben müßten. Die Briten scheinen mit dem SHERLOOK von MELBOURNE HOUSE jedoch ganz zufrieden zu sein. Ich jedenfalls meine - vielleicht mögen andere eine abweichende Meinung vertreten -‚ daß das, was Titel und Aufmachung versprechen vom „Inhalt“ des Adventures nicht gehalten werden kann. Das Adventure ist nicht gerade üppig bebildert, die Graphik ist weniger gut; Textinformation herrscht vor; die Texteingabe-Möglichkeiten sind gut. Man „kommt“ allerdings in dieses Adventure „schlecht rein“. Zu schwierig ist die - langweilige - Anfangsphase, zu monoton und zäh der Spielverlauf.