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Your Sinclair (Jan, 1988)
Slaine is a very unusual game, a sort of freeform hybrid somewhere in the marshy ground between arcade game and graphic adventure. The system used to create this effect is called Reflex, an original concept involving the real time selection of text with a free floating cursor. The cursor in this case is a gory, severed hand, which points to your selection in the 'thoughts' window, snatching at the thoughts before they float out of Slaine's warped mind. It makes it a bit tricky to get used to, but then again once you've done it a few times it comes a little easier. Like most things in life, you might say, and I'd agree but I'll slap your wrists first.
Overall Slaine is a brave attempt at trying something new. However at times I felt the Reflex system was stopping me getting to the meat of the game - it looks to have real depth of gameplay. But I will going back for more adventure with out mean and muscle-bound barbarian. Slaine has a real addictive quality that most ordinary adventures just don't have - in fact you could say that it refreshes the parts that other games just can't reach.
Crash! (Jan, 1988)
To the nonplaying observer, Sláine looks dull; but the thoroughly mindless fighting is enjoyable to play! The graphics are good, albeit unimportant, and though the scrolling of instructions is annoying at first, at least it keeps you on your toes.
Also ehrlich Leute, SLAINE besitzt zwar eine phantastische Grafik und eine witzige Textausgabe, aber der Rest ist wirklich zum Grausen! Die dauernden Angriffe, die schwierige Steuerung und der (unnötig?) brutale Plot ließen bei mir nicht viel Adventure-Feeling aufkommen. Das Programm ist somit zwar programmtechnisch gut durchgestylt, zeigt aber erhebliche Schwächen im Spiel selbst. Ein reines Action-Game hätte SLAINE wohl besser gestanden
One thing Slaine and the earlier Redhawk have in common is the favouring of programming techniques over storyline. It's not an approach that brings either lasting interest or intense player involvement, but it does have a value in showing us different ways of structuring programs, some of which may be further developed in future. In the meantime, you're probably better sticking to the comic.
Tilt (Feb, 1988)
L'aventure est difficile et intéressante mais le système de contrôle choisi n'est guère probant.
Sláine is professionally presented and it is a shame that the mode of play lets it down.