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Zum Schluß noch zwei Anmerkungen: 1. Ich wußte zunächst nicht, ob es sich beim vorliegenden Programm um ein Action- oder Strategie-Spiel handeln „könnte“. Da die Taktik und die Geschicklichkeit triumphierte, entschloß ich mich für letzteres. 2. SPLIT PERSONALITIES ist einfach ein zu gutes Spiel, so daß kein Commodore- oder Spectrum-Freund es missen sollte. Dies gilt schon sehr bald auch für die Schneider-Besitzer. Einfach toll!
ZX Computing (Aug, 1986)
A marvellous combination of strategy, puzzle and reactions. The pictures are all recognisable and well drawn, control is sensitive and I found it easier using a joystick.
Your Sinclair (Aug, 1986)
For some reason I found all this totally addictive, even though there's a tendency for bombs to appear in rather quick succession. Eventually you'll discover the technique to complete Ronnie Reagan within the time limit and you'll skim through Thatcher. But don't get too confident because more cracks appear in the walls and the doors open at a different rate. By the time you reach Alan Sugar you'll be panicking. Apparently Prince Charles lurks in there which makes me wonder whether we should really split heirs.
Crash! (Jul, 1986)
Well done Domark, you've finally broken your spell of releasing poor games. I am well impressed. This is a very original, playable and compelling game. The graphics are colourful, detailed and generally well 'finished'; the characters are all recognisable; the sound is nice too - there is a tune at the beginning and some very reasonable effects during the game itself. Playing the game can be a bit tricky until you get the hang of the control, but once you do, the action gets fast and furious. Disposing of the bombs is also tricky, and going for bonus scores means some extra thinking is called for. I enjoyed playing this one as it is fun and fast moving.