Star Wars: Return of the Jedi - Death Star Battle (ZX Spectrum)

Star Wars: Return of the Jedi - Death Star Battle ZX Spectrum Loading screen


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Parker Brothers ran a contest in 1984 that if you filled out an entry form and answered 2 questions correctly, you could win a 50" projection TV, upright Star Wars arcade game or one of several other prizes. Strangely, one of the prizes is a Star Wars: Return of the Jedi - Ewok Adventure video game cartridge, a game Parker Brothers never released. It is unknown what the prize was substituted with. Here is a poster advertising this contest.

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Ships involved in this game are:

==Rebel Alliance== - Millenium Falcon, the (YT-1300 Corellian freighter).

==Imperial Forces== - Tie Interceptor - Imperial Lambda-Class Shuttle (the 3-winged ship) - Death Star (not a ship actually, but a location according to the Star Wars database)

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