Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends Screenshots (ZX Spectrum)

User Screenshots

ZX Spectrum version

This splash screen appears very briefly
Game credits and controller options. A little engine appears and buzzes around the screen while the game waits for a response
There are two levels of difficulty, this is the screen that selects which the player wants. I chose the easy level.
Track selection. Each track is like a different mission. Use the left / right keys to rotate and point Thomas at the desired track.
I chose the 'Timber' icon at the top left. This screen defines that task
The game starts here. Its important to move quickly because other trains use this track and will crash into Thomas if he stays in one place too long
I'm on the next screen. Above me in the sidings is an 800 point bonus so I reverse to collect it
Just as I take the road to the sidings for my bonus another train pulls into the station. Good job I moved quickly. I hope it does not follow me because in the sidings there's no escape.
Bonus collected, moving through screen 3 with a choice of two exits
Onto screen 4. Looks like both exits from the previous screen join up here. There's another bonus to be had at the bottom of the screen where I pick up my cargo
Cargo collected. Waiting here until that train has passed.
Ooops! Didn't wait long enough.
Most collisions result in moving back a screen or three.
Though he says two screens he actually put me back at the start. At least I still have my cargo. This is the screen after the one on which I had my collision
Tye next screen has a bonus that's impossible to avoid because it's on a crossroads , or should that be crosstracks
five or six screens later, there's another bonus in the sidings that I'll have to backtrack for
Arrived at the timber yard
End of mission statement. After this I'm taken back to the 'Select a Track' screen.