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The game demands your full concentration, and gets it too. More than Green Beret, Ghosts and Goblins or anything else in this style, Thundercats goes the distance. It's graphically impressive too: the animation is stylish and the scrolling impeccable, with digitised backdrops adding enormously to the game atmosphere.
Crash! (Nov, 1987)
There's the hallmark of Gargoyle's programming in Thundercats - most notably in the large, detailed and very well-animated graphics. It's one of those games which you'll think if just too hard when you first play it, but after a bit of practice there shouldn't be much difficulty getting through at least three levels. The action is fast, and you'll need quick reactions. Thundercats is probably the best thing Elite has produced since Ghosts 'N' Goblins.
If you like the Arcade games Rastan Saga and Rygar then you're going to want to add Thundercats to your collection - all the versions are well wicked. I reckon it could soon collect the same cult following as Ghosts and Goblins - and we can't wait for your maps and tips to start flooding in.
Your Sinclair (Jan, 1988)
I was much reminded of Kung Fu Master while battling through Thundercats. The action is similar (the large and small creatures, for instance), but while the older game fell down because of sloppy graphics and play, Elite's effort climbs high in the addictivity stakes with its excellent design and brilliant joystick-destroying gameplay. The 128 version with nifty sound FX is utterly the cat's whiskers. So my advice is to get your paws on a copy as soon as possible. It's the top cat as far as I'm concerned.
Cheap and cheerful arcade fun of the first order.