Times of Lore Screenshots (ZX Spectrum)

User Screenshots

ZX Spectrum version

Load screen - this and the story-boards are only displayed on the 'character generation' side of the tape
The story is explained in a series of eight story-board screens
The ninth screen is the character selection screen
It is possible to play the game without loading a character by loading straight from the 'game' side of the tape. Then the game loads straight to this screen.
This is the start of the game. I'm on the roof of some building and need to go down the stairs to the left to make contact with other characters
Wherever I walk my character stays roughly in the centre of the screen and the world moves underneath him. Here I've left the character movement and have activated the 'command mode'
Nothing here then. The character ate rations all by himself
Downstairs and the first character interaction. I feel a quest coming on
Conversation is activated by selecting the mouth icon in command mode.
Exploring the countryside. The other character on screen is a bad guy. I cannot move because I am blocked in
Luckily one of his own kills him and he leaves a bag of gold behind. They don't all do this. It must be picked up, none of that 'walk over it to collect it' nonsense.
I killed this one. Combat at this level seems to consist of getting close, but not in the line of fire, and attacking. Looks like I can attack diagonally too which is a bonus.