Tranz Am Screenshots (ZX Spectrum)

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ZX Spectrum version

The main menu
You start the game in the middle of USA
Driving around the country, watch out for those trees.
A black car is chasing me, nice sign to
Here is one of the cups, collect them all to win
Night driving
Another car chasing me and another cup
Don't forget to watch your fuel level.
Great Falls. These gas stations can be found at every state, or capital.
RIP Seattle.
Knight Driver, another name for a game using the "Knight Rider" merchandise.
I dunno what these are but they look like picnic baskets.
Reaching the frontier of Central America.
"If you're goin' to San Francisco", be sure to cross the Golden Gate Bridge. And if you come to Portugal, be sure to cross its cousin: the "Ponte sobre o Tejo" (neutral name).
Trying to cross the borders of L.A. The city of Angels.
Refuelling at S. Diego.
Chase at S. Diego.
Crash nowhere.
Tucson, the land of the... the... Tucs (shut up you moron!).
El Paso, the city baptised by a Spanish Franciscan.