Vendetta Screenshots (ZX Spectrum)

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ZX Spectrum version

Load screen
Game options
Start of game. Lots of bad guys walk in from the right. The blue number 60 is the number of bad guys left alive. The red panel on the right is the current weapon, fists
Switched to using a knife The count is now 58 which means two bad guys taken of - and another one has just fallen
Inside the building. Just taken a gun from the wall
It is possible to open doors - but only if the fist is showing in the right hand pane.
Items can be picked up. This will show in the inventory later, represented by the roll of film on the lower centre part of the screen
The crowbar has been used to open the crate
One screen to the right : overhead snipers appear. One hit from these guys is fatal
two screens to the right : snipers appear up there too but at least I can get to them now
three screens to the right : as far as he can go. Nice car, can't seem to use it, guess He needs keys
Climbing is nicely animated
Remember this door from the start?
Inside the stronghold
Looks more like an office!
Cannot go through the door at the top of the screen, but can go through here.
Ah! a world map - that, and the guns, proves they're global terrorists
Its vast in here!, room after room... lots of exploring to be done.