Vindicators Screenshots (ZX Spectrum)

User Screenshots

ZX Spectrum version

This screen displays while the game is loading
The load screen is replaced by the game's copyright / credit screen. This is in the same kind of window that the game is played in.
When the player presses a key the game copyright screen is replaced by this game option screen
The start of a 2 player game. The right tank is joystick controlled and the left is keyboard controlled. The arena is bounded on both sides by walls
Joint destruction of an enemy tank
A Fuel dump is ahead. Only sometimes do these completely replenish the fuel supplies the tank needs
Stars should be collected wherever they are found. They are important. Collect by driving over them. Get to them before your team mate
After losing a life a tank is brought back into the same position. The score is not lost or decreased, and the fuel tanks are full
Start of a single player game
Having moved 'up' as far as its possible to go the player finds a key and a door. Is there a connection?
By driving over the player opens the door. Driving through the door ends the level
Between levels the score sheet is displayed
Then the player has the option of spending the stars they have collected for upgrades
Start of level 2 - now with long range shots. Only 3 of the 4 stars collected in level 1 were used so the player starts this level with 1 star remaining
In level 2 there are gun emplacements. Luckily these only shoot in certain directions and can be approached, from another direction, quite safely
Game over screen. It was running out of fuel that ended the game