Xybots Screenshots (ZX Spectrum)

User Screenshots

ZX Spectrum version

Load screen. After this the screen goes black for a while
This is the main game screen. Here the player(s) choose their controllers. Controllers for both players must be chosen
When both controllers have been selected the game commences. If only one player presses start this effectively remains a 1 player game
Player 1 has started. In the upper centre of the screen is a map of the current level. Lower left is Major Rock Hardy's view of the world and a Xybot coming for him.
The four dots in the map are coins that can be collected by walking into / over them. Here's Rock at the first corner with a coin visible round the corner
Here's Rock round the second corner and there's two Xybots
The first Xybot has been shot and a coin appears from the shrapnel
The black spot ahead is a teleport and indicates the end of level 1
Rock teleports
Completion of the level gives some new abilities
The start of level 2 and another coin to collect
A handy sign indicates danger is around the corner to the left
Well with no other option Rock makes a dash down the corridor and is vapourised before getting half way
The two player game. Both players show on the map as white arrows. Rock, is in front which is why Ace does not show on the blue screen
Ace has gone one ahead round the corner
Both together now. There's a key up ahead to be collected
Rock has died but Ace is still fighting on
When the game is over the player is returned to this screen