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Micro 7 (Mar, 1984)
La guerre est déclarée. Aux commandes d'un char d'assaur détruisez les nombreux ennemis qui vous assaillent. A l'aide de votre canon, protégez la population civile des raids aériens. Vous êtes son seul espoir!
Home Computing Weekly (Aug 09, 1983)
Without doubt the best combat game, so far, that I have played on the Spectrum - I even bought a joystick specifically to play it.
Retro Gamer (Mar 30, 2009)
In Zzoom you flew a plane, trying to rescue people from planes that were trying to bomb them. I’m not sure why? Some sort of war or something. I think it thought it was a 3D defender, or a 3d Choplifter. It wasn’t. It was a fairly basic little game with flickery graphics. The enemy planes jerked about so fast it was very hard both to hit them, or even see where they were. The plane you were in was very hard to fly… try it for yourself under emulation, and I bet the first time you play it you press a key and crash into the ground…. go on… you know you want to.
Crash! (Feb, 1984)
Among the most popular games of 83, Zzoom has you in a plane rescuing humanity. Viewscreen shows you a road over which you are flying with little humans on the horizon whom you must save from the enemy bombers. These come in waves from the left, some just content to wipe out humanity, others which turn and fire at you, wearing down your shield. If you survive two waves without getting destroyed or crashing into the ground, there’s a desert infested with tanks, and the sea with submarines and... Scrolling graphics for the titles all help to make this a very memorable game and excellent value for money. Joystick: Fuller & Kempston.