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Commodore 64
ZX Spectrum

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Platform Votes Score
Commodore 64 2 2.0
ZX Spectrum 2 2.0
Combined MobyScore 4 2.0

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Commodore 64Commodore Format
If you want an entertaining diversion, then Zzzz might prove to be quite fun for a few hours, at least. But it's not that much of a challenge and when all's said and done, there's not that much of a 'hook' in the story to really grip you.
Commodore 64Zzap!
Zzzzzz... is a sad example of botched opportunities. It's an attractive game to look at. The graphics are detailed and quite well drawn. The screens are colourful, the character set has been redefined, and the SID chip is kept busy throughout pinging and ponging through a variety of musical and other effects. Alas, when it comes to the game itself, it's another story. In fact, it isn't really a story at all. The problem with all this lies with the inane sense of humour that keeps cropping up, combined with some very illogical plot developments. The vocabulary is very small, and the program gives you virtually no assistance when you get into trouble. OK, it's cheap, but then money isn't everything and life's too short to spend snoring away in front of this little offering.