The player sees the game world as if through their own eyes.
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HyperBlade Windows Front Cover

Windows (1996)

HyperBlade introduces the 3D battlesport of the future. Players engage in a futuristic street-hockey style game played out on the...

DOS (1995)

Hypercycles is a single-player, shareware, first-person action game with a plot that is reminiscent of the film Tron. The evil...

Hyper Rails Windows Front Cover

Windows (2004)

In Hyper Rails you can construct and build your own roller coaster. There are six different types with a great...

Hyperspeed DOS Front Cover

DOS (1991)

Hyperspeed is a space trading and combat simulation game, and a follow-up to Lightspeed. The player controls a pilot who...

Hysteria Project PlayStation 3 Front Cover

PSP (2010), PlayStation 3 (2010), iPhone (2009) and PS Vita (2012)

Hysteria Project 2 PlayStation 3 Front Cover

PSP (2011), PlayStation 3 (2011), iPhone (2011) and iPad (2011)

iAdventure iPad Front Cover

iPad (2010)

Because, like Breakout, no platform is complete until it has its own port, this is the iPad's welcome party to...

iAltair iPad Front Cover

iPhone (2009) and iPad (2013)

This is a small, self-contained iOS simulation of a MITS Altair 8800 computer running one of three flavours of the...

I Am Alive Windows Front Cover

Windows (2012), Xbox 360 (2012) and PlayStation 3 (2012)

I Am Alive is a post-apocalyptic survival game. It stars an anonymous male protagonist one year after an unspecified cataclysmic...

Ibiza Babewatch Windows Front Cover

Windows (2001)

Ibiza Babewatch is a game where the player takes photos of naked women and sells them on the internet. The...

Ibiza Babewatch: Special-Hardcore-Edition Windows Front Cover

Windows (2001)

This is a special edition of Ibiza Babewatch. Not entirely surprising the difference to the regular version is that the...

Ibiza Beach Party J2ME Front Cover

J2ME (2006)

Ibiza Beach Party is a collection of Ibiza-themed mini-games. There are 44 in total, some of them including DJ'ing, cocktail...

iCarly: iDream in Toons Windows Front Cover

Windows (2009)

Spencer falls asleep while watching a cartoon marathon on Nickelodeon, and starts dreaming he's trapped inside the television set with...

Ice Cream iPad Front Cover

iPhone (2014), Android (2014), iPad (2014) and Windows Phone (2014)

Ice Cream is a simple game where players are an ice cream vendor on a sunny beach. Every day around...

Ice & Fire Windows Front Cover

Windows (1995), Windows 3.x (1995) and Macintosh (1996)

Fly a spaceship around pre-arranged paths to enter areas where you dismount and take on aliens in a first person...

Ice Lakes Linux Front Cover

Linux (2016), Windows (2016) and Macintosh (2016)

Game Boy Advance (2005)

Ice Nine is a first person shooter where player assumes a role of newly-enlisted CIA operative. The game starts at...

Icepop Showdown Android Front Cover

Android (2013)

In Icepop Showdown you're a businessman on a lunch break in the park and spotting a lady sitting on the...

Icity Macintosh Front Cover

Windows (2016) and Macintosh (2016)

I C Redd Wii U Front Cover

Wii U (2017)

DOS (1992)

Icy Metal is a mouse-controlled game with three variants of capturing or throwing a ball through moving targets, somewhat like...

Windows 3.x (1996) and Macintosh (1996)

In this ID4 Mission disk you look out of the eyes of an alien science officer preparing the exoskeletal suits...

ID4 Online Windows Front Cover

Windows (2000)

This arena-based action game is a follow-up to the sci-fi movie Independence Day where an alien invasion is vanquished by...

Commodore 16, Plus/4 (1987)

Time Labyrinth is a maze game. You are trapped in a weird place and your health is continually degrading as...

NES (1989)

Take control of Erika, a musical idol out to foil an evil plot. Guide her through five acts and help...

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