The player sees the game world as if through their own eyes.
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Minecraft: PlayStation Vita Edition PS Vita Front Cover
Minecraft: Pocket Edition Android Front Cover

iPhone (2011), Android (2011), iPad (2011), Windows Phone (2014) and tvOS (2016)

This Pocket Edition is the mobile version of Minecraft. Just like the original game it offers a sandbox-like environment where...

Minecraft: Wii U Edition Wii U Front Cover
Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition Xbox 360 Front Cover

Xbox 360 (2012) and PlayStation 3 (2013)

This version of Minecraft is adapted for a console environment on the Xbox 360 and PS3. Just like the original...

Miner Wars 2081 Windows Front Cover

Windows (2012)

Miner Wars 2081 is a 6DoF (six degrees of freedom) first-person action game with movement similar to games such as...

Miney Company: A Data Racket Windows Front Cover

Windows (2018)

Miney Company: A Data Racket is a virtual reality game about a fictitious data mining corporation named "Miney Company". The...

Miniature Garden Windows Front Cover

Windows (2017)

J2ME (2005) and Browser (2005)

Mini Bet on Soldier (also released as Mobile Bet on Soldier on mobile) is a free flash game created to...

MiniBikers Macintosh Front Cover

Windows (2015) and Macintosh (2015)

MiniDrivers Macintosh Front Cover

Windows (2015) and Macintosh (2015)

Mini Golf Master 2 Windows Front Cover

Windows (2002)

Mini Golf Master 2 is a re-issue of an earlier game Mini-Golf Megaworld. It is a casual mini-golf game for...

Minimized Windows Front Cover

Windows (2016)

Minimum Nanonic PC-FX Front Cover

PC-FX (1997)

A scientist has been conducting an experiment that went wrong... very wrong. An explosion shattered the house. Afterwards, a cute...

Mini World Windows Front Cover

Windows (2017), iPhone (2016), Android (2017) and iPad (2016)

Minorcraft Windows Front Cover

Windows (2014)

Minorcraft is an experimental horror game that has nothing to do with Minecraft. Complete each task you are given (complete...

Atari ST (1987)

Minos is a first person labyrinth game with 40 levels. The aim of each level is to first find a...

Acorn 32-bit (1987)

Minotaur is a maze game played from a first person perspective. It is based on the Greek myth where King...

Minute to Win It Nintendo DS Front Cover

Nintendo DS (2010)

The game show Minute to Win It challenges contestants to complete unusual tasks using common items within 60 seconds. For...

Miracle Merchant iPad Front Cover

iPhone (2017), Android (2017) and iPad (2017)

Miracle Warriors: Seal of the Dark Lord NES Front Cover

Windows (2016), NES (1987), SEGA Master System (1987), MSX (1987), Sharp X1 (1986) and FM-7 (1986)

In Miracle Warriors: Seal of the Dark Lord, you have been asked to recover the Golden Seal which is being...

Mirage Macintosh Front Cover

Windows 3.x (1995) and Macintosh (1995)

In the 19th century a young cavalryman gets raided. The robbers kidnap his girlfriend Jenny and now she is about...

MSX (1992), PC-98 (1992), FM Towns (1992) and Sharp X68000 (1992)

It happened long time ago, when mankind possessed the secrets of magic. One time, when a comet was approaching the...

PC-98 (1994) and FM Towns (1994)

The sequel to Mirage is set in the same world and features some recurrent characters, although the protagonist and the...

Mirage: Arcane Warfare Windows Front Cover

DOS (1990)

Jump into an F-18 fighter jet and take on enemies as you cruise over the ocean in Miramar, Jet Fighter...

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