2D scrolling


These games' worlds scroll (in any two dimensional direction) either forcedly, or because the camera follows a certain character or cursor (tracking camera).
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Animality Windows Front Cover

Windows (2017)

In ANIMALITY, the player controls one of twelve different animals (or one seasonal character--Santa Claus) and must dodge an endless...

Animal Rivals Windows Front Cover

Windows (2017)

Animaniacs Game Boy Front Cover

Game Boy (1995) and Genesis (1994)

Animaniacs is a side-scrolling action/puzzle game based on the animated TV series of the same name. The Warner kids, Yakko,...

Anno 1701: Dawn of Discovery Nintendo DS Front Cover

Nintendo DS (2007)

Anno 1701: Dawn of Discovery is about exploring, building and establishing your settlement and it is about government and control....

An Octave Higher Linux Front Cover

Linux (2015), Windows (2015), Macintosh (2015), iPhone (2015), Android (2015) and iPad (2015)

Anonymous ME Windows Front Cover

Windows (2017)

Another Rocket Game Windows Front Cover

Windows (2017)

Another World: 20th Anniversary Edition Macintosh Front Cover

Linux (2014), Windows (2013), Macintosh (2013), PlayStation 3 (2014), iPhone (2011), Android (2012), iPad (2011), Nintendo 3DS (2014), PS Vita (2014), Wii U (2014), PlayStation 4 (2014), Xbox One (2014) and Ouya (2013)

This is an updated version of Another World for the 20th anniversary of the original game, five years after the...

Anoxemia Linux Front Cover

Linux (2015), Windows (2015), Macintosh (2015), PlayStation 4 (2017) and Xbox One (2017)

Anrufen Online iPhone Front Cover

Symbian (2009) and iPhone (2010)

Anrufen Online is a traditional Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game (MMORPG) for mobile platforms.In the game the player controls...

Antaria Online Macintosh Front Cover
Ant Attack Commodore 64 Front Cover

Commodore 64 (1984) and ZX Spectrum (1983)

Ant Attack is an action game which innovated the usage of three freedom grades for an isometric perspective game. The...

Antiflux Windows Front Cover

Windows (2016)

Antiquia Lost Windows Front Cover

Windows (2017), iPhone (2016), Android (2016), iPad (2016), PS Vita (2017), PlayStation 4 (2017) and Nintendo Switch (2017)

Ant War: Domination Linux Front Cover

Linux (2015), Windows (2015) and Macintosh (2015)

Antz Game Boy Color Front Cover

Game Boy Color (1999)

Antz is a side-scrolling platformer based on the movie of the same name. You take the role of Z, and...

TurboGrafx-16 (1990)

Aoi Blink is a side-scrolling platformer based on the TV anime series of the same name. The five levels are...

Amiga (1992) and Atari ST (1992)

Good news: the Cold War is over and the world is at peace! Bad news: Terrorists stole a few leftover...

Apache Overkill PlayStation 3 Front Cover

PSP (2010), PlayStation 3 (2010), Browser (2009), iPhone (2011), Android (2013) and PS Vita (2012)

Apache Overkill is a side-scrolling pixel/retro style shooter that originated as a Flash game on the web and was upgraded...

Aperion Cyberstorm Windows Front Cover
Apidya Amiga Front Cover

Amiga (1992)

A side-on scrolling shoot-em-up with a twist: You play as a wasp (actually a man turned into a wasp) seeking...

Windows (2002)

Apidya 2002 is a fan-produced remake of Apidya for the Amiga. It is faithful regarding graphics and sound (which are...

Apocalypse Night Windows Front Cover

Windows (2017)

Apocalypse: Party's Over Windows Front Cover
Apollo 11 ZX Spectrum Front Cover

ZX Spectrum (1983)

Apollo 11 is a variant of Lunar Lander where the player's task is to land the Lunar Exploration Module (LEM)...

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