3rd-person [DEPRECATED]


The genre currently in the system for a general third-person perspective, kept to keep track of the games that still need to be over to the new genres. When everything is moved over, it will be removed. When a non-specific 3rd-person perspective is used, use the other one called '3rd-person'.
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Panzer Dragoon Saga SEGA Saturn Front Cover

SEGA Saturn (1998)

Edge is one of the soldiers in the service of the mighty Empire. The Empire has recently ordered some excavations...

Panzer Elite (Special Edition) Windows Front Cover

Windows (2001)

Panzer Elite (Special Edition) is a re-release of Panzer Elite. This version has been slip-streamed with the 1.1 patch and...

Panzer Front PlayStation Front Cover

PlayStation (1999) and Dreamcast (1999)

Panzer Front is a realistic World War II tank combat simulation spanning the summer offensive into Russia of 1941 to...

Panzer Front Ausf. B PlayStation 2 Front Cover

PlayStation 2 (2004)

Panzer Front Ausf. B is a tank simulation game, in which the player takes control of a squad of tanks...

Panzerfront: Barbarossa 1941-1945 Windows Front Cover

Windows (2006)

Panzerfront: Barbarossa 1941-1945 is an action game where the player takes control of a tank in WWII. The twelve missions...

Panzer General: Allied Assault Xbox 360 Front Cover

Xbox 360 (2009)

Panzer General: Allied Assault is a turn-based card/boardgame mix inspired by the Panzer General series. The map is divided into...

Panzer Killer! Windows Front Cover

Windows (2007)

In Panzer Killer! the player takes the role of different American tanks in about 50 missions set during World War...

Panzer Tactics HD Windows Front Cover

Windows (2014)

Panzer Tactics HD is a turn-based strategy game set in World War II and a remake of the Nintendo DS...

Panzer Tactics HD (Special Edition) Windows Front Cover

Windows (2014)

This special edition contains: Panzer Tactics HD Original soundtrack disc Poster in A3 format Two magnets

Paolo Eleuteri Serpieri's Druuna: Morbus Gravis Windows Front Cover

Windows (2001)

A deadly virus is spreading rapidly, transforming the population into bloodthirsty monsters. The only person who can help your decaying...

Papa Pear Saga Browser Front Cover

Browser (2013), iPhone (2013), Android (2013) and iPad (2013)

Papa Pear Saga is a puzzle game in the vein of Candy Crush Saga and Pet Rescue Saga by the...

Papa's Pizzeria Browser Front Cover

Browser (2007)

Papa Louie is out on adventure, so it's up to delivery boy Roy, who is controlled by the player, to...

DOS (1993)

A lone inventor comes up with an elegant mini radio control and camera system. Desperate to beat his rival, he...

Paper Airplane Chase Nintendo DSi Front Cover

Nintendo DSi (2009)

Paper Airplane Chase is a port of the unlockable mini-game Paper Plane from WarioWare, Inc.: Mega Microgame$!. The premise is...

Paperboy iPhone Front Cover

iPhone (2009)

This version of Paperboy is a remake of the original Atari-game of the same name. The player still takes on...

Paperboy 2 DOS Front Cover

DOS (1991), Game Boy (1992), SNES (1991), Genesis (1992), Amiga (1992), NES (1991), Atari ST (1992), Game Gear (1993), ZX Spectrum (1992) and Amstrad CPC (1991)

You're a paper boy. Get on your bicycle. Avoid obstacles on the road, such as dogs, cars, and basically everything...

Game Boy Advance (2005)

A compilation of the classic arcade games PaperBoy and Rampage brought to the Game Boy Advance.

J2ME (2009) and BlackBerry (2009)

Paperboy: Wheels on Fire is a revamped version of the original Paperboy. Career Mode contains the classic Paperboy setup: after...

Paper Cakes Browser Front Cover

Browser (2010)

Paper Cakes is a platformer with puzzle elements made by a team of students from the Utrecht School of the...

Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door GameCube Front Cover

GameCube (2004)

A thousand years ago there was a city. One day the city was buried. Another city was built on top,...

Paper Moon Browser Front Cover

Browser (2009)

Paper Moon is a short side-scrolling platformer entirely done in black and white, and with the graphical style of a...

Paper Planets Have No Gravity Android Front Cover

Browser (2012) and Android (2012)

Paper Planets Have No Gravity is a puzzle game where the player has to save the world by using the...

PapiJump Macintosh Front Cover

Macintosh (2011), iPhone (2008), Android (2008), iPad (2010) and Windows Phone (2011)

PapiJump is a game of reflexes. The player controls Mr.Papi, the red ball guy, and must go up as high...

Papo & Yo Windows Front Cover

Linux (2014), Windows (2013), Macintosh (2014) and PlayStation 3 (2012)

Papo & Yo is a unique puzzle-platforming game with a very personal story. In the game, the player character is...

Para Academy Commodore 64 Front Cover

Commodore 64 (1990), ZX Spectrum (1990) and Amstrad CPC (1990)

Para Academy is a joystick-waggling game where you try to complete six different disciplines as a Paratrooper trying to rise...

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