Action games main mechanics revolve around one or more of the following:
  • Accuracy
  • Movement
  • Quick Decisions
  • Reflexes
  • Timing
This genre is only to be used for games that don't fit in the other action-based basic genres such as Racing/Driving, Role-Playing (RPG) and Sports.
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Browser (2003)

Cubes is a typical Tetris variant. Blocks of various forms fall down from the top. The player must rotate and...

Cube Tactics Nintendo 3DS Front Cover

Nintendo 3DS (2013)

Cubetractor Macintosh Front Cover

Windows (2013) and Macintosh (2013)

Cubetractor is a 2D indie arcade-puzzle game with tower defense stylings. The player controls a four-legged robot and his mission...

Cubic Ninja Nintendo 3DS Front Cover

Nintendo 3DS (2011)

Cubic Ninja is an action-puzzle game designed less with 3-D in mind, and more emphasizing the tilt-control abilities of the...

Cubit Apple II Front Cover

Apple II (1983)

This game is a Q*bert clone. As such, the rules are similar. Change the color of the cubes, which are...

DOS (1988)

A fast-paced game played on a series of abstract, isometric grids within a cube. Each cube has three levels -...

Cubit: The Hardcore Platformer Robot iPad Front Cover
Cubit: The Hardcore Platformer Robot HD Wii U Front Cover
Cubivore GameCube Front Cover

GameCube (2002)

Cubivore is a "Call of the Wild" brought to an interactive media. Gento Matsumotos serene and surreal portrait of wilderness...

PlayStation 2 (2003) and GameCube (2003)

Cubix: Robots for Everyone - Showdown is a futuristic themed 3D action adventure game based on the Cubix: Robots for...

Cubixx PlayStation 3 Front Cover

PSP (2010), PlayStation 3 (2010) and PS Vita (2012)

Cubixx HD Windows Front Cover
Cubology Windows Front Cover

Windows (2004)

Cubology is a 3D color matching game. On arcade mode, the objective is to clear a pile of multicolored cubes,...

Linux (2010) and Windows (2010)

Cubosphere is a freeware, open-source arcade puzzle game similar to Roll Away.The player has to guide a beach ball bouncing...

Cubozoid Windows Front Cover

Windows (2007)

Cubozoid is a one or two player, shareware, tile/block matching game similar to Zuma and many others. The object of...

Commodore 64 (1983)

Cuddly Cubert is a single screen isometric viewed game inspired by the arcade game Q*Bert where you have to turn...

The Culling of the Cows Windows Front Cover

Windows (2014)

The Culling of the Cows is a defense game where you control the gun-wielding farmer Sammy who needs to protect...

The Culling Linux Front Cover

Linux (2016), Windows (2016) and Xbox One (2017)

Cult of the Wind Linux Front Cover

Linux (2014), Windows (2014) and Macintosh (2014)

Windows (2000)

Cultures: The Beginning is a simple action game, released to promote the strategy game Cultures. The player controls a Viking...

DOS (1991)

Put your ingenious strategies to good use in Cunning Football. However, your involvement doesn't end there. If you're on the...

Windows (2003)

Cunyngas is an old-school top-down shooter. The story: The race of Gomin lives under oppression of the race of Mopol....

Cuphead Windows Front Cover

Windows (2017), Windows Apps (2017) and Xbox One (2017)

The Cure MSX Front Cover

MSX (2005)

Winning entry in the MSXdev'05 coding competition, The Cure is an arcade jump&run heavily influenced by Konami's classic Vampire Killer.The...

Curious George Game Boy Advance Front Cover

Game Boy Advance (2006)

When a curious monkey with a habit of accidentally causing mischief encounters a man dressed in yellow exploring the jungle,...

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