Action games main mechanics revolve around one or more of the following:
  • Accuracy
  • Movement
  • Quick Decisions
  • Reflexes
  • Timing
This genre is only to be used for games that don't fit in the other action-based basic genres such as Racing/Driving, Role-Playing (RPG) and Sports.
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Vectrex (1983)

You are in a hovercraft in a interestingly drawn land, Ahead is the Fortress of Narzod. From it's gate come...

ZX81 (1982)

Fortress of Zorlac is a shoot 'em up with some similarities to Yars' Revenge. The player's objective is to rid...

Fortress Underground Amiga Front Cover

Amiga (1987), Commodore 64 (1987), Atari 8-bit (1987) and Commodore 16, Plus/4 (1987)

A hostile power station has been discovered in a huge underground cavern. Your mission is to destroy it. Your battle...

ZX81 (1983)

It's 1849 and the American gold rush has just started. The player in this game is one of the many...

Fort Zombie Windows Front Cover

Windows (2009)

Scientists thought it was a disease, but those who believed in their cures only died in hospitals. The clergy thought...

Nintendo DS (2007)

Imagination Invaders is a 3D adventure/action game based on the popular Cartoon Network cartoon. Players control Bloo in a 3D...

Foto Face: The Face Stealer Strikes Nintendo DSi Front Cover
Fotonica Macintosh Front Cover

Linux (2012), Windows (2011), Macintosh (2011), Browser (2011), iPhone (2014), Android (2015), iPad (2014) and Ouya (2013)

Fotonica is a first-person running game, similar to Canabalt. With only one button, the player has to run and jump...

Nintendo DSi (2010)

Foul Play Linux Front Cover

Linux (2013), Windows (2013), Xbox 360 (2013), Macintosh (2013), PS Vita (2016) and PlayStation 4 (2016)

Amiga (1988) and Atari ST (1988)

The player is taken the role of Zak, a prisoner in a planetary prison called “Waste”, and of course, you...

VIC-20 (1983)

Four Gates to Freedom consists of two parts: an action game and an adventure game. The action game has to...

Commodore 16, Plus/4 (1987)

Four Great Games is a collection of four games with two released and two unreleased and contains the following:The released...

Commodore 16, Plus/4 (1988)

Four Great Games: Volume 3 is a collection of four games with three released games and one unreleased game that...

Amiga (2013)

A four-player Pac-Man variation. Another stand-out feature is that it runs in high-res (or med-res) 640x256 mode in 16 colours....

Four Second Fury Browser Front Cover

Browser (2006)

Four Second Fury is, similar to the WarioWare series, a collection of 20 micro games. Each game lasts four seconds...

Four Sided Fantasy Macintosh Front Cover

Windows (2016), Macintosh (2016), PlayStation 4 (2016) and Xbox One (2017)

Four Sided Fantasy is a puzzle game played as a side-scrolling platformer. It largely expands on the concept of the...

VIC-20 (1983)

Fourth Encounter is a fixed screen shoot 'em up for one or two players. As the title might indicate it...

The Fourth Generation DOS Front Cover

DOS (1997)

The Fourth Generation is a shareware side-scrolling shoot 'em up game with pre-rendered graphics. The player controls a futuristic aircraft...

The Fourth Wall Windows Front Cover

Windows (2012)

The Fourth Wall is a puzzle platformer starring a young apprentice that becomes a wizard during his journey. Next to...

DOS (1983)

Why did the chicken cross the road? I still don't know, but you'd better find out if you want to...

Foxeroids Windows Front Cover

Windows (2003)

Foxeroids is a simple clone of Asteroids, with no special features. Using the cursor keys, the player guides Bouncing Fox's...

Fox Hits CD N°2 DOS Front Cover

DOS (1996)

This compilation includes: Prehistorik 2 The Blues Brothers

Fox Hits CD N°3 DOS Front Cover

DOS (1996)

This compilation includes: Prehistorik Super Cauldron

Fox Hunt Windows 3.x Front Cover

Windows 3.x (1996) and PlayStation (1996)

Jack Fremont is an ordinary guy with just one unique talent: his knowledge of TV shows. Otherwise, his life isn't...

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