Adventure games emphasize experiencing a story through dialogue and puzzle solving. Gameplay mechanics emphasize decision over action. Puzzle solving usually revolves around combining or manipulating items to advance the story. Some sub-genres like visual novels often skip on the puzzle solving and focus fully on interactive narrative. The name Adventure stems from the game Adventure (a.k.a. Colossal Cave), and not to the unrelated film/book genre Adventure.
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Inspektor Griffu DOS Front Cover

DOS (1990), Amiga (1990) and Atari ST (1990)

Inspektor Griffu is a German detective mystery and a mixture between a graphical and a text adventure. Features of the...

DOS (1994) and Windows 3.x (1994)

You are playing as Inspector Zebok who has a new case to solve: the death of a notary - natural...

The Institute TRS-80 Front Cover

Commodore 64 (1983), Apple II (1983), Atari 8-bit (1983) and TRS-80 (1981)

In this bizarre text-based mystery, you assume the role of John, a mental patient who is being held against his...

The Interactive Adventures of Blake and Mortimer: The Time Trap Macintosh Front Cover

Windows (1997), Windows 3.x (1997) and Macintosh (1997)

This is an interactive comic book based on the comic with the same name by famed Belgian comics artist Edgar...

The Interactive Adventures of Dog Mendonça & Pizza Boy Linux Front Cover

Linux (2016), Windows (2016), Macintosh (2016), iPhone (2016), Android (2016) and iPad (2016)

The Interactive Adventures of Dog Mendonça & Pizzaboy is a traditional point-and-click adventure game, based on the Portuguese comic book...

Browser (2012)

This is an interactive story putting the player in the role of a Bletchley Park cryptographer, surely at least in...

DOS (1991)

Intergalactic Bar Mans Pub Crawl is a single player, shareware, adventure game.The player takes the role of a bar man...

DOS (2002)

Another text adventure game made with the Computer Novel Construction Set. The player takes a role of alien #28493 (later...

Windows (2002)

Remake of Intergalactic Life keeps the same plot, but proposes a new walkthrough. Starship of the alien #28493 (named Knoffel...

Interkosmos Windows Front Cover

Windows (2017)

Interkosmos is a virtual reality astronaut adventure that lets players pilot a small re-entry capsule falling to earth. Your re-entry...

Interpol 2: Most Wanted Windows Front Cover

Windows (2008)

An Interpol agent must track down the most wanted international criminals operating on several countries.Interpol 2: Most Wanted, like its...

Interpol: The Trail of Dr. Chaos Windows Front Cover

Windows (2007), Xbox 360 (2009) and Macintosh (2007)

Dr. Vladimir Chaosky has been missing from the face of the Earth for more than a decade. Now the trail...

Browser (2017)

InterrOUGation is a browser game released during the massive protests that took place in Romania in early 2017. The game...

Interstellaria Linux Front Cover

Linux (2015), Windows (2015) and Macintosh (2015)

The Interview Windows Front Cover

Windows (2014)

The Interview is a short, experimental game that draws some inspiration from The Stanley Parable. A man called Adam Ridgewell...

The Interview iPad Front Cover

iPhone (2016) and iPad (2016)

Interworlds Windows Front Cover

Windows (2017)

In the 1st Degree Windows 3.x Front Cover

Windows 3.x (1995) and Macintosh (1996)

Did James Tobin really murdered Mr. Barnes or was he only trying to protect himself? In the adventure "In The...

DOS (1995) and Amiga (1994)

In this game you are private investigator Tom Scool. You have been hired by a dishonest jewel collector to sneak...

In the Hall of the Mountain King TRS-80 Front Cover

TRS-80 (1983)

In a sister game to Voyage of the Valkyrie, developer Leo B. Christopherson puts you back in the role of...

In the Name of Sin Windows Front Cover

Windows (2017)

Into Blue Valley Windows Front Cover

Windows (2014)

Intrigue! Commodore 64 Front Cover

Commodore 64 (1986) and Apple II (1986)

A film-noir detective mystery set in Washington D.C. featuring real-world locations and almost real-world actors in the roles. Your detective...

Intrigue At Oakhaven Plantation Windows Front Cover Download Version

Windows (2006)

This point and click adventure game takes place at Oakhaven, a 19th century southern plantation in Louisiana.Daphne's Grand-mère has something...

MSX (1989) and PC-88 (1989)

You are a Japanese young man named Minoru Nakagawa. One day you notice a beautiful girl standing under a blossoming...

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