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These games use a traditionally "Japanese" style of Japanese animation ("Japanimation" or "Anime"), Japanese comics ("Manga"), or the adult oriented “Hentai”.
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Cratermaze TurboGrafx-16 Front Cover

TurboGrafx-16 (1990) and Wii (2007)

Cratermaze is an action puzzle game viewed from an overhead perspective. Each stage consists of a maze filled with various...

SNES (1993) and Genesis (1994)

Five-year-old Shinnosuke Nohara is the epitome of noisy children: loud and inappropriate, infuriating to his parents, and hilarious to onlookers....

TurboGrafx CD (1997)

Crazy Hospital is a short unlicensed adult visual novel. The player controls a young man who feels sick and visits...

Crazy Strike Bowling EX PlayStation 4 Front Cover
Crescendo Windows Front Cover

Windows (2003)

Crescendo is the sentimental tale of Ryo Sasaki, and the last few days of his high school life before graduation....

PC-98 (1993), FM Towns (1993) and Sharp X68000 (1993)

Crescent is divided into four unrelated stories, which can be accessed directly from the main menu in any order. The...

MSX (1989), PC-88 (1989), PC-98 (1989) and Sharp X68000 (1989)

The protagonist of Crescent Moon Girl is a cat who accidentally walks into a tent and triggers the appearance of...

Crime Crackers PlayStation Front Cover

PlayStation (1994)

In the distant future, in the reaches of space, war raged on for many years. Many lives were lost, but...

Crime Crackers 2 PlayStation Front Cover

PlayStation (1997)

Team Guppy are a group of what are known as "Crackers" -- skilled bounty hunters who make a living fighting...

PSP (2010)

In Criminal Girls, the player takes the role of a prison warden in Hell who has been assigned to a...

Criminal Girls 2: Party Favors PS Vita Front Cover
Criminal Girls: Invite Only Windows Front Cover

Windows (2017) and PS Vita (2015)

Criminal Girls: Invite Only is an updated version of the 2010 PSP title Criminal Girls. It keeps the basic story...

Windows (2004)

Crimson Alive: Extreme Encounter is a Japanese 2D fighting game in a fantasy/sci-fi world. The story is all in Japanese,...

Crimson Gem Saga PSP Front Cover

PSP (2008)

Killian von Rohcoff's life has started out bad, and is about to get worse. He shakes off a hangover to...

Crimson Imprint Plus: Nonexistent Christmas Windows Front Cover
Crimson Memories Windows Front Cover

Windows (2017)

Crimson Sea Xbox Front Cover

Xbox (2002)

Recently, an alien race called the mutons has been invading the solar system Theophilus. Like swarming bugs, the mutons threatened...

Crimson Sea 2 PlayStation 2 Front Cover

PlayStation 2 (2004) and PlayStation 3 (2013)

The sequel to Crimson Sea, this game follows the story of Sho, the protagonist of the first game. In the...

Crimson Shroud Nintendo 3DS Front Cover

Nintendo 3DS (2012)

All magic in the world is believed to be sourced from gifts given by the gods to men. Giauque, Frea...

Crimson Sword Saga: Tactics Part I Windows Front Cover
Crisis Force NES Front Cover

NES (1991)

The year is 199x and a robot army has invaded Tokyo City. A boy and a girl (who remain unnamed)...

Critical Blow PlayStation Front Cover

PlayStation (1997)

A legend exists among the fighters and martial artists of this world, of a mysterious scarab badge that only the...

Critical Point Windows Front Cover

Windows (1998)

Early in the 21st century, a sudden shortage of energy and food caused World War III - the most devastating...

Croixleur Sigma Windows Front Cover

Windows (2014), PS Vita (2016) and PlayStation 4 (2016)

Croixleur Sigma is a 3D arena based fighting game, with girls wielding swords as the playable characters. The story is...

CrossCode Linux Front Cover

Linux (2016), Windows (2015) and Macintosh (2016)

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