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Card games are usually digital translation of traditional card games such as Poker, Solitaire or Bridge, but can also include new games that use the format of a card game or a card game as a mini-game. A related sub-genre is Trading/Collectible Card, which focuses purely on Trading Card games.
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Dr. Wong's Jacks+ Video Poker for Windows Windows 3.x Front Cover

Windows 3.x (1993)

Dr. Wong's Jacks+ Video Poker for Windows published for Windows 3.0 or higher as Volume 22 of the popular Coffee...

DS Dengeki Bunko: Inukami! feat. Animation Nintendo DS Front Cover

Nintendo DS (2006)

Based off of the anime series of the same name, Inukami! is a visual novel with story, artwork, and voice...

Duel Masters Kaijudo Showdown Game Boy Advance Front Cover

Game Boy Advance (2004)

You will start the quest with your brother's deck of cards. Win some shop tournaments and it will be the...

Duel Masters Limited Edition PlayStation 2 Front Cover

PlayStation 2 (2004)

See the creatures of DUEL MASTERS (WOTC "Magic: The Gathering" style card game) come to life and battle in dramatic...

Duel Masters Sempai Legends Game Boy Advance Front Cover

Game Boy Advance (2003)

Kids register as duel masters player, build their deck and manage their cards throughout a huge single-player adventure, or challenge...

Game Boy Advance (2005)

Recent tournament titles have put you at the top of the competitive circuit. Fans want your autograph, your smiling face...

Duels: Warstorm Browser Front Cover

Browser (2008)

Duels: Warstorm is an online collectible card game that can be played for free in the basic version. Additional single...

Duelyst Macintosh Front Cover

Windows (2016) and Macintosh (2016)

Dungeon Solitaire iPhone Front Cover

iPhone (2010)

Dungeon Solitaire is an original fantasy card game. Monsters are flooding up through the Castle Wolfcairn's tunnels after a prison...

Dungetris Windows Front Cover

Windows (2017)

ZX Spectrum (1991)

Durak or Fool is a simple recreation of a card game by the same name that is popular in Russia....

EA Mahjong iPod Classic Front Cover

iPod Classic (2006)

EA Mahjong is a tile matching game using Mahjong tiles laid out in one of 72 patterns called horoscopes. Players...

Easy Bridge Windows Front Cover

Windows (1998)

Easy Bridge is a single player, freeware, bridge player and tutor.This game has been around for a while and earlier...

Windows (2002)

Easy Whist is a single player card game based on the game commonly known as 'German Whist', this game is...

Edward O. Thorp's Real Blackjack DOS Front Cover

DOS (1990)

A simple but entertaining casino game of 'Blackjack'. The game bears the name of Dr. Edward O. Thorp, who is...

PC-98 (1997)

A young high-school student named Seirou has a normal, boring life: days resemble each other, and so do the nights:...

The Elder Scrolls: Legends - Heroes of Skyrim iPad Front Cover

DOS (1990)

The jigsaw puzzle for 6 pictures (Ferrari, Castle, Pets, Sailboat, Sunset, World Map) is proposed for a size from 6...

Elemental Masters Nintendo DSi Front Cover

Nintendo DSi (2010)

Elemental Masters is a trading card-based fantasy game. The land of Elendior is threatened by a great demon that has...

PC-98 (1994)

The Guild Master and the Protectors of the Elements had the best intentions. All they wanted was to use the...

Element Girls: Style your Life! Nintendo DS Front Cover

Nintendo DS (2010)

Element Girls: Style Your Life is a Lifestyle Application for teenage girls. It is the second Nintendo DS application based...

Windows (2005)

Ellas J├Ąttememory is an educational memory game that teaches sign language. It differs from a traditional memory game in that...

Emerland Solitaire: Endless Journey Windows Front Cover
The Emperor's Mahjong Windows Front Cover

Windows (2003), Palm OS (2003), Windows Mobile (2003) and Macintosh (2004)

Traditional Mahjong takes a twist in this game. Although you can play the normal Shanghai style of mahjong where you...

Empire of the Gods Linux Front Cover

Linux (2016), Windows (2016) and Macintosh (2016)

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