These games use a fictional fantasy setting. Fantasy settings often feature supernatural elements such as undead creatures or sorcery or fantasy creatures such as orcs, elves and dragons.
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Culdcept Saga Xbox 360 Front Cover

Xbox 360 (2008)

Culdcept Saga is a Magic/Monopoly-style video game in the Culdcept game series. Gameplay is similar to previous instalments. As in...

Cultures: Die Abenteuerbox Windows Front Cover

Windows (2003)

This compilation contains: Northland 8th Wonder of the World

Cultures: Die Saga Windows Front Cover

Windows (2003)

This compilation contains three games from the Cultures series: Cultures Northland 8th Wonder of the World Also included is a...

Cultures Gold Windows Front Cover

Windows (2002)

Cultures Gold is a compilation including: Cultures Cultures: Die Rache des Regengottes

Cuphead Windows Front Cover

Windows (2017), Windows Apps (2017) and Xbox One (2017)

The Cure MSX Front Cover

MSX (2005)

Winning entry in the MSXdev'05 coding competition, The Cure is an arcade jump&run heavily influenced by Konami's classic Vampire Killer.The...

The Cursed Crusade Windows Front Cover

Windows (2011), Xbox 360 (2011) and PlayStation 3 (2011)

In The Cursed Crusade the player takes the role of the knight Denz de Bayle who has a slight problem:...

Cursed Treasure 2: Hey! Heroes! Leave Us Gems Alone! Macintosh Front Cover

Windows (2017), Macintosh (2017), Browser (2013), iPhone (2014) and iPad (2014)

Cursed Treasure 2: Hey! Heroes! Leave us gems alone! is the sequel to Cursed Treasure: Don't Touch My Gems! with...

Browser (2010)

Cursed Treasure: Don't Touch My Gems! is a tower-defense game with the goal to protect gems from greedy humans who...

Browser (2011)

Cursed Treasure: Level Pack! is a standalone level pack for Cursed Treasure: Don't Touch My Gems! with the same gameplay...

Commodore 64 (1990), PC-88 (1986) and FM-7 (1987)

The country of Babylon was once a thriving community, enjoying peace and prosperity. However, all that changed when monsters invaded...

Macintosh (1995)

Curse of Dragor is a single-player, role playing game similar to Dungeon Master, Eye of the Beholder and the like.The...

Curse of Enchantia DOS Front Cover

DOS (1992) and Amiga (1992)

Little Brad didn't believe in witches until he met one. The evil hag torments the fantasy land of Enchantia, and...

The Curse of Sherwood ZX Spectrum Front Cover

Commodore 64 (1987), ZX Spectrum (1987) and Amstrad CPC (1987)

The evil Cult of Sagalia has taken over Sherwood Forest and installed fear into the hearts of the dwellers. An...

Curse of the Assassin Linux Front Cover

Linux (2014), Windows (2014), Macintosh (2014), iPhone (2013), Android (2013) and iPad (2013)

Curse of the Azure Bonds DOS Front Cover

DOS (1989), Amiga (1990), Atari ST (1991), Commodore 64 (1989), Apple II (1989), Macintosh (1990) and PC-98 (1991)

Outside of the town of Tilverton, the party of heroes has been ambushed, captured and cursed with five azure markings...

Curse of the Catacombs DOS Front Cover

DOS (1993)

Curse of the Catacombs is a first-person shooter very similar to the previous game. Once again, you're a mage whose...

Windows (2005)

An 18-years-old orphan girl is inspired by her guardian fairy sets out to seek her destiny in a nearby city,...

Cute Knight Deluxe Linux Front Cover

Linux (2007), Windows (2007) and Macintosh (2007)

Cute Knight Deluxe is an upgraded version of Cute Knight, a casual life simulation role-playing game. It adds new and...

Cutie Clash Wii U Front Cover

Wii U (2016)

Cut the Rope Windows Front Cover

Windows (2012), Symbian (2012), Macintosh (2012), Browser (2012), iPhone (2010), Nintendo DSi (2011), Android (2011), iPad (2010), Windows Phone (2012), Nintendo 3DS (2013) and Windows Apps (2012)

A package arrives at your doorstep. Inside is a little green creature called Omnom, it's cute and loves candy!Cut the...

Arcade (1998)

Cyvern: The Dragon Weapons is a vertically scrolling military/fantasy/monster themed shoot 'em up game where you take control of one...

D4: Dark Dreams Don't Die Windows Front Cover

Windows (2015) and Xbox One (2014)

D4: Dark Dream Don't Die tells a story of David Young – former Boston PD Narcotics Unit turned private detective....

Dactylus DOS Front Cover

DOS (1997)

In Dactylus - a parallax-scrolling fantasy shooter - you slip into the role of Yarin, a dragon-rider. Evil forces destroyed...

Daemon Detective Gaiden Windows Front Cover
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