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Meditative or Zen games try to calm or relax players. These types of games often have no goals and players can't do anything wrong inside the game.
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Opus Magnum Linux Front Cover

Linux (2017), Windows (2017) and Macintosh (2017)

Orbit Linux Front Cover

Linux (2016), Windows (2015) and Macintosh (2015)

Orbital Loop Android Front Cover

Android (2017)

Orbital Loop is a celestial music creation experience in VR. With simple controls, any user with little to no music...

Origamo DOS Front Cover

DOS (1994)

In the game you have to exit the maze filled with mythological characters of 5 different philosophies (Japanese/Chinese, Tribal, Egyptian,...

Browser (2011)

A hazy, psychedelic mash-up of Western tropes, this "interactive music video" presents a cyclical suite of screens each of which...

Over The Void Windows Front Cover

Windows (2014)

Over The Void is a game of exploration set in a psychedelic universe. It is played as a first-person platformer...

CD-i (1991)

Paint School I is a title that allows children to paint on their CD-i. There are three different categories available:...

Palette Browser Front Cover

Windows (2006) and Browser (2006)

Palette is a short game that won the 2006 student showcase award at the Independent Games Festival. The objective of...

Passage Linux Front Cover

Linux (2007), Windows (2007), Macintosh (2007) and iPhone (2008)

Passage is an experimental game/art/discussion piece. A large part of the appeal is in discovering exactly what it's about and...

Passpartout: The Starving Artist Linux Front Cover

Linux (2017), Windows (2017), Macintosh (2017), iPhone (2017), Android (2017) and iPad (2017)

DOS (1992)

Patience Games is a bundle of five patience card games, a Solitaire (peg jumping) board game, and a classic text...

Paul Pixel: The Awakening iPad Front Cover
Perfect Windows Front Cover

Windows (2016) and PlayStation 4 (2016)

Windows (1996) and Macintosh (1996)

Eve is Peter Gabriel's second multimedia effort, in which the player tries to change a surreal landscape into a paradise...

DOS (1993)

Like DaSi before it (and in a similar vein to Taboo before both), PF simulates a spirit board (or Ouija...

Pixel Puzzles Mosaics Windows Front Cover

Windows (2017)

Planet Ancyra Chronicles Windows Front Cover
The Plan Linux Front Cover

Linux (2013), Windows (2013) and Macintosh (2013)

The Plan is a very short, existential game where the player controls a fly that ascends towards the unknown. It...

Plasmaworm Windows Front Cover

Windows (2001)

Plasmaworm is an arcade game for all ages. It is a modern relative of early computer games such as Snake,...

Pocket God iPhone Front Cover

iPhone (2009), Android (2010) and Windows Phone (2010)

Pocket God is a God game in which the player can play with an unlimited supply of Pygmies, a race...

Browser (2010)

The Pokémon Dream World was available through the Pokémon Global Link website. Players of Pokémon Black, White, Black 2, and...

Linux (2007), Windows (2007) and Macintosh (2007)

Sure, the Monkey may actually be abstracted down to a one-eyed box, and yes, the Funk isn't any more authentic...

Progress Quest Android Front Cover

Linux (2007), Windows (2002), Browser (2010) and Android (2014)

In what some might dub the logical conclusion of the statbuilding RPG genre, Progress Quest is a game that plays...

Proteus Linux Front Cover

Linux (2013), Windows (2013), Macintosh (2013), PlayStation 3 (2013) and PS Vita (2013)

Proteus is a meditative game based around exploration. It is played from a first-person perspective and the environment is drawn...

Psychosomnium Windows Front Cover

Windows (2008), Macintosh (2010) and Browser (2011)

Psychosomnium is an experiment in illogical puzzles or dream world logic. You'll play the game trying to figure out how...

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