Platform games can be both 2D and 3D games in which jumping or climbing onto platforms on various elevations is a major focus of the game. Early platform games mostly focused on climbing onto platforms using ladders, while later games generally focus more on jumping.
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Cloudberry Kingdom Windows Front Cover

Windows (2013), Xbox 360 (2013), PlayStation 3 (2013) and Wii U (2013)

In Cloudberry Kingdom, the player takes the role of the retired hero Bob. As the princess is kidnapped once again...

CloudBound Windows Front Cover

Windows (2016)

Cloudbuilt Windows Front Cover

Windows (2014)

Clouds Kingdom 3 Windows Front Cover

Windows (2005)

Clouds Kingdom 3 is a fighting based platform game, where you play as a ninja named Jikah. The game has...

Clover Windows Front Cover

Windows (2010) and Xbox 360 (2009)

Clover is a watercolour side-scrolling platform puzzle game. In design it resembles a traditional adventure game as most of the...

Clubby: Killing Season Browser Front Cover

Browser (2008)

The sequel to Clubby the Seal once again stars Clubby as the protagonist. After revenging his kind on the Eskibobs,...

Clubby the Seal Browser Front Cover

Browser (2004)

Clubby the Seal turns the tables on what is commonly regarded as the Canadians' favourite pastime: smashing seals into pieces...

ClueFinders: Mystery Mansion Arcade Windows Front Cover

Windows (2000) and Macintosh (2000)

The members of the Clue Finders team -- including Owen, Leslie, Santiago, and Joni, along with their timid yet trusty...

Clustertruck Linux Front Cover First version

Linux (2016), Windows (2016), Macintosh (2016), Android (2017), PlayStation 4 (2016) and Xbox One (2016)

Clustertruck is a very fast first-person platformer where a character needs to reach a goal by hopping on top of...

DOS (1992)

Clyde's Adventure is a platform game. The objective is to travel through each of the castles, collect the special treasure,...

Amiga (1993) and Commodore 64 (1991)

In Clystron you control a walker-like cyborg on its mission to find eight machine parts. The parts must be collected...

Cobalt Windows Front Cover

Windows (2016), Xbox 360 (2016) and Xbox One (2016)

Cobra ZX Spectrum Front Cover

ZX Spectrum (1987)

This Green Beret-style arcade game follows the plot of the film starring Sylvester Stallone. As Stallone's Cobra character you must...

Cobra Commodore 64 Front Cover

Commodore 64 (1986)

Cobra on the C64 adapts the 1986 Sylvester Stallone movie like its counterparts on other 8-bit systems. It is similar...

Coca Cola Kid Game Gear Front Cover

Game Gear (1994)

Coca Cola Kid is a platformer starring the eponymous mascot of the Coca Cola company in the 90s. On his...

Coconut Dodge: Revitalised PS Vita Front Cover

PS Vita (2013)

Coconut Dodge Revitalised is an updated release of Coconut Dodge made for PlayStation Vita with native HD graphics, support for...

Cocoto: Platform Jumper PlayStation 2 Front Cover

Windows (2006), PlayStation 2 (2004), GameCube (2004) and Wii (2009)

The name of this game says all about it. Cocoto Platform Jumper is a circular 3D Platform Jumper with isometric...

Commodore 64 (1987)

Earth is in trouble as an Alien Battleship moves towards the planet for invasion. The only solution is to send...

Code Lyoko: Quest for Infinity Wii Front Cover

PlayStation 2 (2008), PSP (2008) and Wii (2007)

Code Lyoko: Quest for Infinity is the second game based off of the popular French animated TV series Code Lyoko...

Codename Droid: Stryker's Run - Part 2 BBC Micro Front Cover

BBC Micro (1987) and Electron (1987)

In this sequel to Stryker's Run you once again play the role of John Stryker whose mission it is to...

Codename: Gordon Windows Front Cover

Windows (2004)

Codename: Gordon is a 2D side-scrolling fan project based on the Half Life universe and programmed in Flash. In this...

Code Name: Viper NES Front Cover

NES (1990)

Set against the backdrop of the war on drugs from the late 1980s/early 1990s, Code Name: Viper directly confronts the...

Coil Cop Commodore 64 Front Cover

Commodore 64 (1987), ZX Spectrum (1987), MSX (1987) and Amstrad CPC (1987)

The star of Thing on a Spring returns in this sequel. The evil Toy Goblin is up to his old...

Coin World Windows Front Cover

Windows (2003)

Coin World is a platform game, where you control Colin the Coin on his quest to collect all lost coins,...

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