Platform games can be both 2D and 3D games in which jumping or climbing onto platforms on various elevations is a major focus of the game. Early platform games mostly focused on climbing onto platforms using ladders, while later games generally focus more on jumping.
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NES (1986)

All Night Nippon Super Mario Bros. was a promotional item given out as a contest prize by the Japanese radio...

Amiga (1993)

Based on the highly popular 80s sitcom. You take control of Rene Artois, the charismatic French man (in two player...

Windows (2009)

All Of Our Friends Are Dead is a side-scrolling platform shooter with a horror theme. There is no background story,...

(Almost) Total Mayhem Xbox 360 Front Cover

Xbox 360 (2011)

(Almost) Total Mayhem is a 2D team-based action platformer that pits two teams against each other in an attempt to...

Along Came A Spider Xbox 360 Front Cover

Xbox 360 (2009)

Along Came A Spider is a 2D platformer that puts the player in control of a spider who must jump...

Alphaland Browser Front Cover

Browser (2011)

Taking up the invitation of game author Jonas Kyratzes to test an alpha version of a game prototype he's working...

Alpha Runner Windows Front Cover

Windows (2015)

Alpha Zylon Windows Front Cover

Windows (2014)

Altered Beast Windows Front Cover

DOS (1990), Windows (2010), Genesis (1988), Amiga (1989), NES (1990), Atari ST (1989), SEGA Master System (1989), Commodore 64 (1989), TurboGrafx-16 (1989), ZX Spectrum (1989), TurboGrafx CD (1989), MSX (1989), Amstrad CPC (1989), Zodiac (2004), Xbox 360 (2009), PlayStation 3 (2011), Wii (2006), iPhone (2010), Android (2017), iPad (2017), Nintendo 3DS (2013) and Arcade (1988)

You are a hero raised from the dead by the god Zeus to rescue his daughter Athena. With scenery inspired...

Alter Ego Android Front Cover

Linux (2012), Windows (2011), Amiga (2015), NES (2011), Commodore 64 (2014), ZX Spectrum (2011), Android (2013) and Windows Phone (2012)

Alter Ego is an action puzzle platformer. In this game, you control a hero and his phantom 'alter ego' that...

Alter Ego: DreamWalker Linux Front Cover

Linux (2013), Windows (2013), ZX Spectrum (2014), Android (2013) and Windows Phone (2013)

Alter Ego: DreamWalker is the sequel to the 2011 action puzzle platform title Alter Ego. In this game, you have...

Alteric Macintosh Front Cover

Windows (2016), Macintosh (2016), PS Vita (2017) and PlayStation 4 (2017)

Alter World Linux Front Cover

Linux (2015), Windows (2015) and Macintosh (2015)

Alter World is a puzzle-platformer with a painting art style. The game has about 80 short levels, each consisting of...

Alto's Adventure DOS Front Cover

DOS (1997)

The adventure of Tipi is a Korean-made side-scrolling platformer with cartoon-like characters and animations, similar to games like Elfland, Realms...

Alwa's Awakening Linux Front Cover

Linux (2017), Windows (2017) and Macintosh (2017)

Windows (2016)

AM2R: Return of Samus is a fangame and a remake of Metroid II: Return of Samus using the art and...

Amagon NES Front Cover

NES (1988)

In Amagon, your mission is to investigate a dangerous, monster-infested island. As Amagon, you begin the game with only a...

Amiga (1995)

The Amazing Adventures of Harry Haddock is a freeware platformer game for the Amiga. You use the joystick to control...

The Amazing Dare-Dozen Browser Front Cover

Browser (2001)

They're twelve eggs with a difference -- when you click the mouse, they can hop up. And up, up, up...

Amazing Discoveries in Outer Space PlayStation 4 Front Cover

PlayStation 4 (2016)

Amazing Discoveries in Outer Space is a 2D space simulator and platformer with roguelike elements. Gameplay is based on exploring...

Amazing Learning Games with Rayman DOS Front Cover

DOS (1996), Windows (1996) and PlayStation (2000)

Join Rayman in his quest to recover the Book of Knowledge which has been stolen by the evil Mr. Dark....

Amazing Princess Sarah Windows Front Cover

Windows (2014), Xbox 360 (2014) and Xbox One (2016)

The King has been kidnapped by a fiendish demon! Only the (Amazing) Princess Sarah has the courage, and the upper...

The Amazing Spider-Man: Lethal Foes SNES Front Cover

SNES (1995)

The Amazing Spider-Man: Lethal Foes is based on the Spider-Man cartoon of the time and pits Spider-Man against several of...

The Amazing Spider-Man DOS Front Cover

DOS (1990), Amiga (1990), Atari ST (1990) and Commodore 64 (1990)

In The Amazing Spider-Man, Spider Man has to rescue his girlfriend Mary Jane who was been kidnapped by the super...

The Amazing Spider-Man vs. The Kingpin SEGA CD Front Cover

SEGA CD (1993)

The Kingpin is at it again, and Spider-Man has just 24 hours to find the keys to defuse a bomb...

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