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Racing/Driving games allow the player to race, or drive vehicles in a leisurely manner. Racing can be done in vehicles, on mounts, on foot or in completely abstract graphics. Games with this genre needs to have racing/driving for the majority of the game, not just as a short sequence.
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Jak X: Combat Racing PlayStation 2 Front Cover

PlayStation 2 (2005) and PlayStation 4 (2017)

After saving Haven City once again, Jak and Daxter find themselves poisoned forced into competition on the international car-racing circuit...

Jaleco Rally: Big Run - The Supreme 4WD Challenge SNES Front Cover

SNES (1991)

Jaleco Rally: Big Run - The Supreme 4WD Challenge is partly based on the arcade game Big Run. The player...

Jambo! Safari: Animal Rescue Wii Front Cover

Wii (2009)

Based on the original Sega arcade game, Jambo Safari on the Wii allows the player to play as one of...

Jam XM Windows Front Cover

Windows (2006)

Jam XM is an arcade racing game that first looks like a Micro Machines clone.You take part in an intergalactic...

Jarrett & Labonte Stock Car Racing PlayStation Front Cover

PlayStation (2000)

The 3rd game from the successful Touring Car series. This game is bigger & better, with instead of just the...

JDM Tuner Racing Windows Front Cover

Windows (2016)

Jeep 4x4 Adventure Windows Front Cover

Windows (2004)

Race various Jeep vehicles, the Wrangler, Liberty, and Grand Cherokee. Settings for races include cities, deserts, jungles, and other exotic...

Commodore 64 (1986)

Based on the gameplay of the Arcade game Moon Patrol, you have to drive a jeep back to your base...

Game Boy (1992)

Jeep Jamboree is an off-road racing game for the Game Boy. As the title suggests, you have but one choice...

Wii (2008)

Jeff Gordon XS Racing Windows Front Cover

Windows (1999)

This is Jeff Gordon's vision of the future of racing. You get to race futuristic cars around some really cool...

Game Boy Color (1999)

How does Jeff Gordon, the (then) 3-time NASCAR Winston (now Sprint) Cup Series champion see the future of racing? Players...

JelloCar Windows Front Cover

Windows (2007) and iPhone (2008)

JelloCar is a platform game where the player needs to steer a car to a checkpoint to complete the level....

JellyCar 2 PlayStation 3 Front Cover

PSP (2010), PlayStation 3 (2010), Wii (2011), iPhone (2009), Nintendo DSi (2011) and PS Vita (2012)

J2ME (2006)

In this game players can race as the world champion Jenson Button and be part of the Honda F1 team...

Jeremy McGrath's Offroad PlayStation 3 Front Cover
Jeremy McGrath Supercross 2000 PlayStation Front Cover

Windows (2000), PlayStation (2000), Dreamcast (2000) and Nintendo 64 (2000)

This edition of the licensed Supercross racing game features 8 indoor and 8 outdoor tracks. You can choose to do...

Game Boy Color (2000)

This to-go version of Jeremy McGrath Supercross 2000 is a top-down racing game, featuring two game modes (championship and arcade),...

Jeremy McGrath Supercross 98 PlayStation Front Cover

PlayStation (1998)

Jeremy McGrath lends his name to this Supercross racing game. Game modes include a Racing Season, Single Race, and a...

Jeremy McGrath Supercross World PlayStation 2 Front Cover

PlayStation 2 (2001)

This updated version of Supercross 2000 lets the players take to 25 different dirt bike tracks, each with their own...

Jet Bike Simulator ZX Spectrum Front Cover

Commodore 64 (1988), ZX Spectrum (1988) and Amstrad CPC (1988)

Jet Bike Simulator allows one or two players to race a jet ski against computer riders over a number of...

Jetboat Superchamps Windows Front Cover

Windows (1999)

Arcade boat racing. Take control of one of six Manga-inspired jetboaters, from the noble-but-stern Takeshi to the flirtatious Kaori, and...

Jetboat Superchamps 2 Windows Front Cover

Windows (2001)

In Jetboat Superchamps 2, the player must steer a jet-power boat and blast through the water at up to 200...

Jet Car Stunts Windows Front Cover

Windows (2014), PlayStation 3 (2014), iPhone (2009), Android (2010), iPad (2012), Windows Phone (2014), PS Vita (2014) and Xbox One (2015)

Jet Car Stunts is an arcade racing game on courses with jumps, hoops, loops and tilted platforms. It consists of...

Jet Ion GP PlayStation 2 Front Cover

PlayStation 2 (2002)

Jet Ion GP is set in the year 2040, a time when petrol prices have risen as oil-wells start to...

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