Role-Playing (RPG)


Role-Playing games (RPGs) belong to a wide a varied game genre that focuses on character development. Additional aspects that are often found in RPGs are:
  • Amassing wealth
  • Narrative
  • Tactical combat
Character development in RPGs does not necessarily happen as in traditional stories, but means the main character(s) in the game learns new abilities or improves the capabilities of old ones. Character development also includes collecting armament and/or utilities of gradually increasing power.
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Pillars of Eternity: Complete Edition PlayStation 4 Front Cover

Windows (2001) and Macintosh (2001)

You are the Master of the Royal Riding School of Gidolan Keep working for Queen Ariana on a quest to...

Pinball Quest NES Front Cover

NES (1989)

Pinball Quest is billed as a pinball role-playing game, though the term is used loosely, as you only earn gold...

PC-98 (1989)

The story of Pink Shock Pirates is rather simple: the protagonist is a young girl named Pink, who wants to...

PC-98 (1990)

After the brave pirate Pink has defeated the evil Temujin in the first game, peace was restored in the land...

Windows (2012) and Macintosh (2013)

Pirate101 is a free online game set in "The Spiral" this is the same universe as Wizard101 and they share...

Windows (2009) and Browser (2010)

Pirate Galaxy is a browser-based massively multiplayer online role playing game.The Mantis, a ruthless and powerful breed of space aliens,...

Pirates of the Burning Sea Windows Front Cover

Windows (2008)

Pirates of the Burning Sea is an MMO set in the Caribbean sea in the 1700's. You can choose to...

Pirates of the Caribbean Windows Front Cover

Windows (2003) and Xbox (2003)

Pirates of the Caribbean is a role-playing game in which the player takes the role of a pirate who has...

Pirates of the Caribbean Online Macintosh Front Cover

Windows (2007) and Macintosh (2007)

Pirates of The Caribbean Online is an MMORPG adaptation of the popular movie and game series of the same name....

Windows (2016)

The Pit is a simplistic roguelike game. There are no items in the game. To earn experience the player must...

Pixel Dungeon iPad Front Cover

iPhone (2015), Android (2012) and iPad (2015)

Taking inspiration from Brogue and any number of roguelike predecessors, this game pits players in one of four fantasy player...

Pixel Heroes: Byte & Magic Linux Front Cover

Linux (2015), Windows (2015), Macintosh (2015) and Xbox One (2017)

Pixel Heroes: Byte & Magic is 2D retro RPG, set on the island of "Isle of Sprites". Your quest? Make...

Planescape: Torment Windows Front Cover

Linux (2014), Windows (1999) and Macintosh (2014)

Waking up on a stone slab in a morgue, which the zombie workers just pushed into the room, a big...

Planescape: Torment - Enhanced Edition Linux Front Cover

Linux (2017), Windows (2017), Macintosh (2017), iPhone (2017), Android (2017) and iPad (2017)

Planet Alcatraz Windows Front Cover

Windows (2006)

Planet Alcatraz is a real-time post-apocalyptic RPG. It has been described by the developers as a mixture between Neverwinter Nights...

Planet Crashers Nintendo 3DS Front Cover

Nintendo 3DS (2012)

Planet Laika PlayStation Front Cover

PlayStation (1999)

Planet Laika is a role-playing game where the player controls the titular character, Laika, who is part of an expedition...

Planet's Edge: The Point of no Return DOS Front Cover

DOS (1991), PC-98 (1993) and FM Towns (1993)

The discovery of an alien craft entering our solar system causes quite a stir. When the small craft is accidentally...

Planet Stronghold Linux Front Cover

Linux (2014), Windows (2011) and Macintosh (2014)

Platinum Demo: Final Fantasy XV PlayStation 4 Front Cover

N-Gage (2004)

Pocket Kingdom is a strategic MMORPG set in the fantasy world of Ulgress. The core gameplay mechanic is combining combat...

Pocket Legends iPad Front Cover

Browser (2011), iPhone (2010), Android (2011) and iPad (2011)

Pocket Legends is an online MMORPG (massively online role-playing game). This free-to-play fantasy game implements 3D anime-inspired graphics and three...

Pocket Monsters Akai Nintendo 3DS Front Cover

Game Boy (1996) and Nintendo 3DS (2016)

In this game you are a 10-year-old boy, now old enough to receive your first Pokemon. You train this Pokemon...

Pocket Monsters Ao Nintendo 3DS Front Cover

Game Boy (1996) and Nintendo 3DS (2016)

Pocket Monsters Ao is a reworked version of Pocket Monster Akai and Pocket Monsters Midori. It was later used as...

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