Role-Playing (RPG)


Role-Playing games (RPGs) belong to a wide a varied game genre that focuses on character development. Additional aspects that are often found in RPGs are:
  • Amassing wealth
  • Narrative
  • Tactical combat
Character development in RPGs does not necessarily happen as in traditional stories, but means the main character(s) in the game learns new abilities or improves the capabilities of old ones. Character development also includes collecting armament and/or utilities of gradually increasing power.
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Deep Dungeon: Madō Senki  NES Front Cover

NES (1986) and MSX (1988)

The town of Dorl has an infestation of demons who currently reside in the castles dungeon after a portal to...

Windows (2013)

Deepfall Dungeon is a first person dungeon crawling game. The game consists of 20 levels and in each level the...

Deep Labyrinth Nintendo DS Front Cover

Nintendo DS (2006)

Deep Labyrinth is a slow-paced first person dungeon exploration game for Nintendo DS. The movement is controlled with D-pad, while...

DOS (1992)

Defender of Boston: The Rock Island Mystery is a role-playing game where the player takes on the role of a...

Defenders of Oasis Game Gear Front Cover

Game Gear (1992) and Nintendo 3DS (2012)

A long, long time ago, the legendary king Jamseed defeated the evil Ahriman, the spirit of darkness. But just before,...

Defender's Quest: Valley of the Forgotten Linux Front Cover

Linux (2012), Windows (2012) and Macintosh (2012)

Defender's Quest: Valley of the Forgotten is an indie Tower Defense game. Unlike many other tower defence games it is...

Defiance Windows Front Cover

Windows (2013), Xbox 360 (2013) and PlayStation 3 (2013)

Defiance is an MMO third-person shooter set in a persistent universe. It was made as a tie-in to the US...

Windows (2008)

Dekaron is a fantasy MMORPG taking place on the fictional planet of Trieste which has two moons. The universe is...

DelugeRPG Browser Front Cover URL:

Browser (2009)

DelugeRPG is an online Pokémon fangame in which players may capture, battle, and trade Pokémon. All canon Pokémon, including alternate...

DemiKids: Dark Version Game Boy Advance Front Cover

Game Boy Advance (2003)

Jin and Akira are given the task to seal a rip in time that's tearing the demon world, Valhalla, apart....

DemiKids: Light Version Game Boy Advance Front Cover

Game Boy Advance (2003)

Jin and Akira are given the task to seal a rip in time that's tearing the demon world, Valhalla, apart....

Demise: Rise of the Ku'tan Windows Front Cover

Windows (2000)

The mines of Dejanol were once the land's primary source of Mythinite, and a training grounds for adventurers until one...

Atom (1980)

The objective of Demon Dungeon is to escape from a dungeon full of monsters. The game is text based and...

Demon Gaze PS Vita Front Cover

PS Vita (2014)

Demonicon Windows Front Cover

Windows (2013)

Demonicon is a role-playing game with action combat set in the Dark Eye universe. The player takes the role of...

Demon King Box Nintendo 3DS Front Cover

Nintendo 3DS (2014)

Demon Master Chris Linux Front Cover

Linux (2013), Windows (2013) and Macintosh (2013)

Demon Master Chris is an adult fantasy dungeon-crawler / visual novel game. You control the (female) eponymous main character Chris....

PC-98 (1998)

The game is set in an alternate version of the Earth. The time period is not specified, and the abundance...

Demon's Rise iPad Front Cover

iPhone (2015), Android (2017) and iPad (2015)

Demon's Rise 2: Lords of Chaos iPad Front Cover
Demon's Souls PlayStation 3 Front Cover

PlayStation 3 (2009)

In the land of Boletaria, the Old King Allant wakened the Old One, a terrible demon that was sealed away...

Demon's Winter DOS Front Cover

DOS (1989), Amiga (1989), Atari ST (1988), Commodore 64 (1988) and Apple II (1988)

The land of Ymros was first encountered in Shard of Spring, and it returns in this follow up, which is...

PC-98 (1993)

The powerful god known as Black B was securely sealed, preventing his powers from corrupting humans. The people of the...

PC-98 (1994)

In 1999, a global computer network was assembled, allowing unprecedented transportation speed to different locations on the Earth through virtual...

Neo Geo Pocket Color (2000)

A side story to the original Ogre Battle, Zenobia no Ōji's plot takes place during the fourteenth chapter ("The Capital...

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