Shooters are action games in which the player character shoots enemies.

The shooting is usually performed with firearms in these games; however, any weapon that dispatches projectiles qualifies, which makes many games (e.g. Heretic) that rely on medieval ranged weaponry or even magical projectiles shooters as well.

There are many shooter sub-genres, including fixed-screen shooters, scrolling shooters, rail shooters, and others.

Since the emergence of 3D graphics, 3D shooters, popularized by Wolfenstein 3D and Doom, have become the leading representatives of the genre. This sub-genre is sometimes referred to as first-person shooter, though this definition is not very precise, since the genre's distinguishing feature are 3D environments, not the perspective; some 3D shooters allow players to switch between perspectives, while others enforce a third-person view.

3D shooters may incorporate elements of other genres, most commonly role-playing (e.g. System Shock games and Deus Ex).
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Revolution X DOS Front Cover

DOS (1996), PlayStation (1996), SNES (1995), Genesis (1995), SEGA Saturn (1995) and Arcade (1994)

Revolution X is about the ol' Rock & Roll.There is an evil nation putting the youth down and banning our...

ZX Spectrum (1988) and Amstrad CPC (1989)

Rex the dinosaur is fed up of the environmental damage being done by a nearby nuclear plant. As a result,...

DOS (1996)

In the 35th century, mankind developed almost god-like technology to create Cyborg slaves - machines so shrewd they were almost...

Rex Blade: The Battle Begins DOS Front Cover

DOS (1996)

In the 35th century, man has created some incredibly advanced cyborg to use as slaves, but eventually they rebelled and...

Rez PlayStation 2 Front Cover

PlayStation 2 (2001), Dreamcast (2001) and Xbox 360 (2008)

Rez is a fast-action shooter that takes you deep into the world’s computer network. The “Project K” Network has recently...

Rhythm Destruction Windows Front Cover

Windows (2012)

Rhythm Destruction is a 2D, top-down, vertically scrolling shoot 'em up. It looks like a typical shoot 'em up game,...

Ricochet Linux Front Cover

Linux (2013), Windows (2000) and Macintosh (2013)

Ricochet is a futuristic multiplayer game where you're playing in team match or one-vs-one in battle arenas. Players are jumping...

Riddled Corpses Linux Front Cover

Linux (2015), Windows (2015) and Macintosh (2015)

Riddled Corpses is a top-down twin stick arcade shooter for one or two players, based on the older mobile game...

Riddle of the Sphinx Atari 2600 Front Cover

Atari 2600 (1982)

As the Pharoh's Son, it is up to the player to lift the curse of Anubis, God of the Dead,...

Ride to Hell: Retribution Windows Front Cover

Windows (2013), Xbox 360 (2013) and PlayStation 3 (2013)

Ride to Hell: Retribution is an action game that incorporates different gameplay elements. The game is set in 1969 in...

Ring Runner: Flight of the Sages Windows Front Cover

Windows (2013)

Ring Runner: Flight of the Sages combines space combat action with RPG elements of skill progression and storytelling. The player...

R.I.P. Windows Front Cover

Windows (2005) and Macintosh (2006)

Death, Halloween, and Rock-n-Roll must protect the Other World from the armies attacking it in this turret shooter game. Inside...

R.I.P.: Strike Back Windows Front Cover

Windows (2006) and Macintosh (2006)

The frighteningly good heroes of R.I.P. return as more of those disgusting humans try to breach into The Other World....

R.I.P. Trilogy Windows Front Cover

Windows (2007)

This compilation includes all the R.I.P. games: R.I.P. R.I.P.: Strike Back R.I.P.: The Last Hero

Rise of the Triad Windows Front Cover

Windows (2013)

Rise of the Triad is a reboot of the 90's first-person shooter Rise of the Triad: Dark War. It stays...

Rise of the Triad: Dark War Linux Front Cover

Linux (2003), DOS (1994), Windows (2009), Macintosh (2013), iPhone (2010) and iPad (2010)

A madman with power to kill millions has been discovered, and HUNT (High-risk United Nations Taskforce) has been dispatched to...

DOS (1994)

Rise of the Triad: The HUNT Begins is the shareware version of Apogee's Rise of the Triad. Unlike many other...

Rise of the Triad: The HUNT Begins (Deluxe Edition) DOS Front Cover

DOS (1995)

This deluxe edition includes the ten single-player and eight multi-player levels of the original shareware version of Rise of the...

Rise to Honor PlayStation 2 Front Cover

PlayStation 2 (2004)

Kit Yun (character model after Jet Li), is an undercover Hong Kong police officer, tasked to protect Chiang, a boss...

Rising Eagle: Futuristic Infantry Warfare Windows Front Cover

Windows (2007)

Rising Eagle is a multiplayer tactical shooter which takes place in the year 2040's conflicts around the world, with the...

Rising Storm Windows Front Cover Original cover

Windows (2013)

Rising Storm is an official total conversion of Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad; this time covering the Pacific War...

Commodore 64 (1987)

R.I.S.K. (Rapid Intercept Seek and Kill) is set on the planet Christon 3 where scientists work on developing new weaponry....

River Raid PC Booter Front Cover

PC Booter (1984), Commodore 64 (1984), Atari 2600 (1982), ColecoVision (1984), Intellivision (1983), Atari 5200 (1983), Atari 8-bit (1983), ZX Spectrum (1984) and MSX (1984)

River Raid is a vertically scrolling action game. You fly a jet up a river in an attempt to destroy...

River Raid II Atari 2600 Front Cover

Atari 2600 (1988)

You're the pilot of an F-14 assault jet, assigned to the dangerous mission of taking out an enemy bridge at...

River Rescue: Racing Against Time Commodore 64 Front Cover

Commodore 64 (1984), Atari 8-bit (1983) and VIC-20 (1982)

River Raid with side-scrolling? Exactly, that's what River Rescue like. A team of important scientists have become trapped in a...

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