Simulation games can be one of many different types of simulations. What all simulations have in common is that they are more realistically modeled to real life situations and/or variables than most games. Simulation games can model a wide variety of different situations and variables, most common are:
  • Business/Trade Simulations
  • Construction Simulations
  • Life Simulations
  • Management Simulations
  • Sports Simulations
  • Vehicle Simulators and Vehicular Combat Simulators
  • War Simulations (Wargames)

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Johnny Herbert's Grand Prix Championship 1998 Windows Front Cover

Windows (1998)

In Johnny Herbert's Grand Prix Championship 1998, the goal is to win the drivers championship and become the World Champion...

Nintendo DS (2009)

Windows (1997) and Windows 3.x (1997)

Joker's Wild Poker is a single player, mouse controlled video poker gameThe basic game here is five card draw poker...

Jokers Wild Poker Browser Front Cover

Browser (2000)

Jokers Wild Poker is a variant of video poker, a game played using terminals in casinos. The player's main goal...

Jonah Barrington's Squash Commodore 64 Front Cover

PC Booter (1988), Commodore 64 (1985), ZX Spectrum (1985) and Amstrad CPC (1985)

For many years this was the only squash game in existence, and it's licensed by one of the top stars...

Jones in the Fast Lane DOS Front Cover

DOS (1991)

Jones in the Fast Lane is a simulation of a person's life, presented as a turn-based strategy game. You can...

Jones in the Fast Lane: CD-ROM DOS Front Cover

DOS (1992) and Windows 3.x (1992)

Functionally identical to the original Jones in the Fast Lane, but delivered on a CDROM and containing the following enhancements:DOS...

FM Towns (1993)

Joshi Kōsei Shōjo Hatsunetsu is an erotic game with digitized pictures of Japanese models posing as schoolgirls. The game consists...

Commodore PET/CBM (1980)

Joust is jousting game in which two players must joust it out on horses. Players can control the location of...

JSF Windows Front Cover

Windows (1997)

In the game, you are the pilot of one of the two playable multi-role stealth aircraft, the Lockheed X-35 or...

Atari 8-bit (1982)

Jumbo Jet Pilot is a flight simulator game, showing how to manoeuvre a massive passenger aircraft - Boeing 747 200B....

Commodore 64 (1982), VIC-20 (2006) and Commodore PET/CBM (1980)

Jumbo Lander is a game similar to Lunar Lander, except instead of successfully landing on the moon the player must...

Jumpers for Goalposts Browser Front Cover

Browser (2007)

In Jumpers for Goalposts the player takes the role of an aspiring footballer with the goal of earning as much...

Jumpers for Goalposts 2 Browser Front Cover

Browser (2009)

Like its predecessor, Jumpers for Goalposts 2 is all about taking an aspiring footballer from the grass root level to...

Jumpers for Goalposts 3 Browser Front Cover

Browser (2010)

Jumpers for Goalposts 3 lets the player take control of an promising 18 year old footballer who plays at the...

Jumpgate: The Reconstruction Initiative Windows Front Cover

Windows (2001)

This is a massively-multiplayer space simulator where you get to join one of three factions and participate in The Reconstruction...

Jump Jet DOS Front Cover

DOS (1992)

The RAF's Harrier GR7, or the US Marine Corps' AV-8B represented a new generation of aircraft. Vertical take-off and landing,...

Jurassic Park Builder iPad Front Cover iTunes release

Browser (2012), iPhone (2012), Android (2012) and iPad (2012)

Jurassic Park III: Park Builder Game Boy Advance Front Cover

Game Boy Advance (2001)

If you've ever wanted to create your own Dinosaur theme park like in the original movie, Jurassic Park, then this...

Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis Windows Front Cover

Windows (2003), PlayStation 2 (2003) and Xbox (2003)

Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis puts you in the shoes of a Dr. Hammond-type scientist, and challenges you to build a...

Atari ST (1991)

Just Another War in Space is a real-time strategy game in which the player participates in a space war. There...

Justin Smith's Realistic Summer Sports Simulator iPad Front Cover
Just SING!: Christmas Songs Nintendo DSi Front Cover
Just SING!: National Anthems Nintendo DSi Front Cover

Nintendo DSi (2010)

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