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Simulation games are created with the goal of putting the player in control of a certain activity while attempting to make it as realistic as possible.

In the strictest sense of the word, all electronic games are simulations, since they cannot exist without simulating aspects of real life. However, simulation genre only includes games that focus (entirely or mostly) on imitating real-life activities. That does not mean that simulation games must be completely realistic; for example, space combat simulation games simulate an activity that is (yet) unknown to human beings. The distinguishing feature of simulation games is their emphasis on realism and detail comparable to those encountered in real life.

Most simulation games are not story-driven, since they concentrate on describing general activities, not concrete situations. Among notable exceptions are Wing Commander games, which combine space combat simulation with a continuous narrative.

Simulation themes vary greatly; theoretically, they are limited only by the amount of activities known to human beings. Simulation themes include, for example, traffic networks, medical care, romance, music, and many others.

Simulation games can be roughly divided into five main groups:
  • Managerial simulations put the player in a position of a manager or a similar role.
  • Construction simulations primarily involve building, for example cities.
  • Life simulations may deal with human life or life in general.
  • Professional / Social simulations are dedicated to specific social activities and professions.
  • Vehicle simulations allow the player direct control of a vehicle with a certain sense of realism, for example plane, space ship, tank, etc.
Simulation can also be used as a modifier for other genres, for example Strategy (realistic re-creation of historical battles), Racing / Driving (particularly realistic vehicle-handling, tuning, repair, etc.), or Sports (team management, training, trading, etc.).
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Banished Windows Front Cover

Windows (2014)

Banished is a survival city builder game where you start with a small group of exiled travelers and the supplies...

Banzai Bug Windows Front Cover

Windows (1996)

In Banzai Bug you play a fly who has been trapped in the house of an exterminator, now with the...

Barbie Commodore 64 Front Cover

Commodore 64 (1984)

Barbie gets a phone call from her boyfriend Ken, asking her if she wants to go somewhere with him. Where...

Barbie Beauty Boutique Windows Front Cover

Windows (2003)

On Barbie Beauty Boutique, players create the perfect makeover using makeup, hair, nails and fashions for eight events. Characters are...

Barbie Beauty Styler Macintosh Front Cover

Windows (2002) and Macintosh (2002)

Barbie Beauty Styler is a creative painting / drawing package featuring Barbie and her friends Teresa, Kira and Christie. It...

Barbie Magical Fashion iPad Front Cover

iPhone (2014) and iPad (2014)

Barbie Magical Fashion lets players design their very own Barbie, mixing and matches different outfits, hairstyles, tiaras, makeup patterns, accessories,...

Bar Games DOS Front Cover

DOS (1989) and Amiga (1990)

The best elements of the bar scene have been captured and placed on your PC.Compete in a tournament or practice...

DOS (1992)

The player takes on the role of a secret agent, code-named Barracuda, on a mission to recover from the ocean...

Nintendo DS (2007)

Bartender DS is more of an informative simulation game that teaches you about cocktails. The game contains over 850 recipes...

Windows (1997)

Baseball Mogul is a managerial baseball simulation and runs on the same engine as Football Mogul. The player takes the...

Windows (2001)

Baseball Mogul 2002 is the baseball franchise management game that founded a genre.As General Manager (GM), your job is to...

Baseball Mogul 2003 Windows Front Cover

Windows (2002)

You own a major league baseball team, and it is your job to build the team up into a champion...

Baseball Mogul 2006 Windows Front Cover

Windows (2005)

Baseball Mogul 2006 is a managerial baseball simulation. The player takes the role of a General Manager of a Major...

Baseball Navigator PlayStation Front Cover

PlayStation (1997)

Where most baseball games have you controlling the players, Baseball Navigator is a little different in that it has you...

Baseball Stars Professional Neo Geo Front Cover Cardboard box

Neo Geo (1991), PSP (2011), Neo Geo CD (1995), PlayStation 3 (2010) and Arcade (1990)

Baseball Stars Professional is the follow-up to Baseball Stars for the Nintendo Entertainment System, and features comic-style graphics. Choose from...

B.A.S.E. jumping featuring Felix Baumgartner Windows Front Cover

Windows (2007)

B.A.S.E. jumping featuring Felix Baumgarntner is a sports game which simulates base jumping which is a variant of parachuting. Instead...

DOS (1992)

Learn the secrets of bass fishing by casting off with Bass Class. In this simulation you will select all the...

SNES (1994)

Bassin's Black Bass is a fishing game endorsed by the professional fishing champion Hank Parker. It is another entry in...

BassMasters 2000 Nintendo 64 Front Cover

Nintendo 64 (1999)

BassMasters 2000 is a fishing simulation game which counts a total of 4 modes and has a variety of customizable...

Bass Masters Classic Game Boy Color Front Cover

Game Boy Color (1999)

Bass Masters Classic is a game for the Game Boy Color in which you can participate in a bass fishing...

SNES (1995) and Genesis (1995)

This game consists of five 3-day tournaments at four lakes. The mission is to catch as much large bass as...

Bass Masters Classic: Pro Edition SNES Front Cover

SNES (1996) and Genesis (1996)

This game is basically an update to Bass Masters Classic. Updates involve adding 6 pro fishermen, five different lakes instead...

Windows (1998)

Bass Masters Classic: Tournament Edition is a fishing simulation which, when it was released, billed itself as the only completely...

BASS Strike PlayStation 2 Front Cover

PlayStation 2 (2001)

BASS Strike was the first bass fishing title to hit the PlayStation 2 and features a license from the B.A.S.S....

Battalion Wars GameCube Front Cover

GameCube (2005)

You play in a fictional world, where war has erupted between the Frontiers and the Tundrans. You are ordered to...

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